The Ongoing Parliament Recodes Unprecedented Number of Contests

The General Secretariat of the Egyptian parliament announced that it has received 958 contests over the membership of parliamentary representatives. Thus, the ongoing parliament sets a new record regarding the number of memberships called into question. It surpasses the 1995 parliament which has scored 930 contests.
The Parliament Chairman, Fatahy Soror, refereed these contests to the Cassation Court to investigate them. Then, the parliament will decide its considerations since the parliament is ’the master of its decisions’.
The highest score of contests coincides with the run-off of the third round of vote while its first stage recorded the lowest level. 
In another respect, the ruling National Democratic Party appointed Abdul Ahad Gamal el-Dean in place of Hussein Megaor who is nominated for the presidency of Human Recourses Committee. Three heads of parliamentary blocs are endorsed; Mahmmud Abaza for the leadership of el-Wafd bloc, Abdul Aziz Shaban for the chairmanship of al-Tagmoa Bloc, and Ragab Helal for Al-Gad bloc. Meanwhile, the nominations of the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloc, forms 20% of the parliament, did not sanction yet. The bloc has chosen Muhammad el-Katatny as its head and Hamdy Hassan as its spokesmen.