The Police Attack all Non-NDP Candidates:

The Police Attack all Non-NDP Candidates:
Ikhwan Online
By Ahmed el-Talawy
In the morning of the first day, 15of Oct., to fill candidacy applications for the Egyptian parliamentary election of 2005, some candidates of the Moslem Brotherhood and other parties or independents are subject to beat and insult by the police, in front of Cairo Security Department. Open orders are given to the riot police to prevent any non-NDP candidate or agent from entering the Security Department to fill the candidacy applications and to choose their electoral symbols.


Following orders, the riot police use all means even cudgels. Hazem Faroqe, the Moslem Brotherhood’ candidate in Sahel circle, northern Cairo, comments that ’ these acts violate humanity’. “All candidates are standing before the Security Department, only the candidates of the National Democratic Party are allowed to enter. Other candidates, on the other hand, are treated animal-like, especial those of the Moslem Brotherhood’s”, Faroqe adds.


Siad Gad Allah, a lawyer of the Moslem Brotherhood, emphasizes that the NDP candidates came yesterday, on Friday, to choose the favorite electoral symbols, and then orders are given to prevent people from entering the Security Department to fill their candidacy applications.