The Police Broke into a Journalist Blogger’s Residence

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information HRinfo expresses anxiety and fear for the life of the journalist blogger Abdel Men’em Mahmoud, in which on Friday dawn security forces in Alexandria broke into his residence to arrest him. The incident is a result to a campaign practiced by the police in Cairo and Alexandria to arrest 42 Egyptians suspected of belonging to the Muslim Brothers Group.

Security forces on Friday Dawn, broke into the residence of Abdel Men’em Mahmoud reporter of Al-Hiwar TV and administrator of the celebrate blog “Ana Ikhwan”
( to arrest him. However, Mahmoud was not home at this hour, and because he was tortured in a previous episode for 13 days before, he disappeared to make sure of the reasons for this campaign, which probably could be his activities in media coverage to police quelling practices against Muslim Brothers’ activists.

On the other hand, the 27 years old blogger Abdel Men’em Mahmoud has expressed to a friend his haziness between subjecting to torture similarly to 2003 incident
(” and fearing of terrifying his aged parents by the police to force him to surrender. However, he received news of the large number of armed forced broke into.

In light of HRinfo’s condemnation to “Dawn Visitors” system practiced by security forces which, was practiced on a wide range previously against political opposition, it calls upon the Minister of Interior and the General – Prosecutor to provide reasons for this new incident.
However, the blogger is not a student or a member in what the Interior Ministry claims of a sport show held by some Muslim Brothers’ students to be a “military training” and his activities is concentrated on media and writing on his blog.

Moreover, HRinfo calls upon all civil society organizations and independent media to join forces to stop the unjust campaign against activist, students and academics did not practice any wrong just adopting different ideas, which is a guaranteed right to all.

In another occasion, HRinfo invites bloggers, journalists and activists to join forces with the assembly organized today at 5 pm before Journalists’ Syndicate, by bloggers carrying computers’ “keyboards” to declare their denial to arresting bloggers and join forces with Abdel Men’em Mahmoud the journalist blogger.

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