The police prevent three Electoral Assemblies

The police prevent three Electoral Assemblies

In unconformity to election laws and the so-claimed police impartiality, the security bodies in Damiata, Port Said, and Suez governorates hindered three electoral gatherings, due to be held on Friday, and were meant to end the election campaigns of the MB nominees . Yet, other candidates were given permissions to arrange electoral meetings.


In Damiata, a scheduled popular assembly organized by the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee, Saber Abdul Sadeq, was hindered because of security pressures. Police besieged the location of the meeting, upon high-level orders, as termed by an officer, asked to be unidentified. 



The same procedures were applied again in Port Said where a massive gathering, Includes Essam el-Erian, along with other leading members, was planned to be held in favor of the MB nominees. 


These tough actions posed many questions; why such change of the security attitude towards the Moslem Brotherhood?

 Are the government’s claims of reform credible?

What about the National Democratic Party which alleged to held a fair election?