The Police Shoots Azabaoy’s Supporters and Tears el-Dery’s Posters

Muhammad el-Azabaoy, a representative of the Moslem Brotherhood in the Parliament, submits an urgent questionnaire to the Interior Minister. The questionnaire is about the incident that toke place in Tanata district, his parliamentary circle, on 810 when the police shot some of his supporters who were sticking posters of congratulation on the coming of Ramadan.


The representative regards this incident as a critical development in the approach of the security bodies toward the opposition. In addition, it is a sign for the negative outcome of the upcoming parliamentary election, due to be held within few weeks.


He asks the Interior Minster to give a quick answer, questioning if this will be the typical manner of the ministry? He explains that the torn posters are not for the election propaganda but are congratulatory. He adds that all his posters in his circle are ripped, so the ministry clarification is required.


Furthermore, some supporters of el-Azabaoy were shot while sticking posters on which some prophetic traditions are written.


Meanwhile, the security bodies ripped on 910 the posters of el-Dery, the candidate of the Moslem Brotherhood in Nasr City district. These posters convey the best wishes for the coming of Ramadan.