The Reality of the Battle

The Reality of the Battle

Understanding the reality of the battle, its subject, the original and subsidiary parties of the conflict, and identifying the battlefield are among the most important elements of clear vision. One looking at the ongoing battle between the Islamic nation and its enemies may think it is unbalanced, and that there is no longer any justification for its continuation. It appears to have been decided by the overwhelming superiority of the enemies of Islam over the Muslims, to the extent that Muslims have lost control of their affairs. There is a huge gap between the two sides in possessing the means of military power, and the superior party can consider itself to have achieved a crushing victory. 

On the political front, Muslims do not have a political will, or freedom of decision. The enemy can steer their political decisions to serve its interests, even if they conflict with their own. This is the ultimate goal of the combatants in wars and disputes.

On the economic level, Muslims have immense wealth, but they do not have economic independence, nor do they truly control these riches. Instead, they are subordinate to their enemy, and the enemy’s success in forcing us into economic dependence is a real victory and an indicator of comprehensive defeat. 

On the scientific and practical level, the vast gap between the two sides is apparent without any effort to perceive it.

What more does the victor want? What does he want after all these victories? Why is he not satisfied? Why does he still fear us? Why is he afraid of our threats? The battle is over, with victories on all fronts.

However, this is not the truth, the superior party is still striking us, cautious of us, and conspiring against us. Indeed, he still considers us his primary enemy. The victor is escalating the ferocity of the battle! This is because our enemy understands the reality of the battle, its subject, and its battlefield more accurately and precisely than many of our people do! Those who were shocked by the magnitude of the defeats and their multiplicity have become despondent. He understands it better than many of those with good intentions who are preoccupied only with scheming to regain power in the civilizational fields where we were defeated, hoping that our nation can return to the conflict they think has temporarily been resolved in favor of our enemy.

However, our enemy knows that he has not won the battle, despite all he has achieved. Our enemy is the one who realizes that the decisive, true battle has not been decided in his favor, which is why he continues in his war. So, what is the truth of the battle in which he wants to prevail?

Our enemy has succeeded several times over the years of occupation in emptying the Muslim individual and society of the manifestations of Islam, but he was shocked when he found the entity of the individual Muslim filling up with Islam again as soon as the opportunity arose…

The enemy realized that the entity of the Muslim individual is still intact, potentially capable of carrying Islam someday. Along with this realization, he understood that his true victory would not be through political, economic, military, or scientific dominance as long as the Muslim entity remained capable of carrying Islam someday. Therefore, the real battlefield where our enemy now fights is fundamentally the entity of the Muslim individual. He seeks to corrupt this entity so that it is no longer suitable for retaining Islam if it is instilled in the future.

Hence, the true battlefield that we must be aware of is this entity and this composition. Our enemy is not satisfied with the civilizational gap in the military, political, scientific, economic, and other fields. Our enemy is terrified by every sleeping Muslim because he is convinced that this Muslim is capable of carrying Islam again, and here lies the danger for him. Therefore, the essence of the battle and its true field is the composition of the Muslim individual.

The battlefield between us and them now is identity, traits, composition, and Islamic character. “And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able” (Quran 2:217). Our enemies are clearly striving to obliterate the Islamic identity, remove the religion of Allah, and consecrate this by corrupting the formation of the Muslim individual, so it’s no longer suitable for carrying Islam someday. Consequently, Muslims are unable to regain what they have lost in terms of power, politics, economy, and knowledge. They are following the path of their falsehood through theoretical and practical education, through media, and through economic and social corruption, making this their main effort.

And we are working to preserve the composition of Muslims in a state that facilitates them to be filled with Islam someday. For this reason, our vision was clear, when we insisted on fighting in the actual field of conflict, the field of education, composition, and preservation of Islamic identity. The vision was clear when we refused to get involved in choosing enemies or targets other than the true enemy, the head of the snake.

From here sprung our approach to change, with all its characteristics, including the renunciation of violence, even if practiced against us by our own foolish people who realize or do not realize that they have sold their afterlife for the world of others. Thus, nothing lures us away from managing the real battle, and we are not deceived and distracted by any enmity other than the real enemy, who uses and tempts some of us, and seeks to prevail in the decisive battle by distracting us from it with his ropes and sticks.