The regimes’ wisdom versus people’s rashness

The history will never have mercy on the Arabs…
The history will record the dark ages of these people, who never acknowledge the sufferings of the rulers! The popular stories and folklore will certainly narrate about minorities of rash people living under a wise ruling majority!

The ruled people are always affected by emotions; they may be influenced by just two Egyptian soldiers being killed by the Zionists in the borders area! Or the killing of an Egyptian youth while trying to sneak into Palestine through the borders, or may be agitated when knowing that there are many Egyptian, Jordanian, or Lebanese detainees in the Zionist prisons! But the people only know the external appearance and the rulers always realize the essences, which can’t be realized by the people, who deserve nothing but the Emergency Law, article 76, postponement of the municipal elections, and secret visits to America, which the American media always disclose…
These procedures try to calm down the rash people and help the wise rulers and their wise sons, grandsons…!!

The history will never have mercy on the Arabs…
For whom the rulers live, suffer, work, travel, cry, condemn, differ or agree, be sad or joyful, marry and beget…?!!
I think all that shall be done for the benefit of the people! Why don’t the people think about the future of their sons! A future in which they may have new shoes, a Carrier air condition, a Plazsma TV, or a cell phone with Bluetooth?! Why do they insist on the emotions and rashness?! I think the genes are the reason of this difference between the wise rulers and the rash ruled! A question arises now: How can we modify the genes to make the people wiser and wiser to conform to their regimes?!!

I think the answer implies in the following:

1-Erasing the word “people” from the dictionary.

2-Building complete cities under the surface of the earth, in which the people should be imprisoned for 25 or 30 years to be refined.

3-Emptying the educational curricula from Religion, Nationalism, Geography, History, and Language. There will be only Drawing, Music, Rulers’ Biology, and Civilized Peoples’ Physiology.

4- Chanting the national anthem five times a day praising the ruling class and its offspring.

Thus, after twenty five years we will find wise people under everlasting wiser rulers!!

 Dear gentlemen, this was nothing but a story of rash people, because they resist the enemy who occupied the land, and don’t appeal them, Allah says: “They are the enemies; so beware of them.” SURAH 63: AL MUNAFIQUN (The Hypocrites) (4) and says: “Strongest among men in enmity to the Believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans” SURAH 5: AL MA’IDAH (The Repast) – (82), and a story of some rulers who prefer to live in surrender to eternalize- as well as their offspring- in the regime, but they forgot that the world has never eternalized for any one.

This was quite clear in Libya’s submitting of its weapons, the Iraqi’s dark conditions under occupation, and a series of submission from the side of the Gulf countries. As for what we called the rash people, their end was always that they free their countries and defeat the enemies. We will find this truth in the following brilliant names, Holako, Richard the lion Hearted, Ahmos, Saladin, Simon, Ghandhi, Mandela, Ahmad Yaseen, and Renteesi.
Let our rulers have the power, and let us- the people- live in our rashness, because surely we will obtain one of two glorious things (martyrdom or victory).