• January 30, 2006

The Release of Remaining Brotherhood’s Detainees in al-Arish

The security authorities of al-Arish City set five of the Muslim Brotherhood’s members and supporters free after being detained in the course of the outgoing parliamentary polls. A week age, twenty of the group’s detainees have been released. Thus, all arrested Brotherhood of al-Arish have been freed. The five released detainees are: Adel Fo’ad Qatmesh, Faozy Muhssen el-Shorbagy, Adnan Muhammad, Muhammad Adel el-Beck, and Rafat Khanaser. 
Before being released, Hassen Nashat, a National Democratic Party’s MP, has called on the twenty freed Brotherhood’s members trying to bring himself closer to the folk of his constituency, which witnessed mishaps in the time of the vote. During his visit, Nashat asserted that the release writs have been made upon direct commands of the Interior Minister and that none of the MPs, hinting to the Brotherhood’s, has been stepped in to release them.