The religious factor in the American Presidential race : Islamophobia

The religious factor in the American Presidential race : Islamophobia

This is my second post regarding the the religious factor in the American Presidential race ,you can check  the first part here and last night Obama and Huckabee had own the Iowa Caucuses and thus they have a better opportunity to present the democratic and republican party in the final elections . This is considered a historical victory for Obama changeling Hilary and Edwards .

Anyhow this is not the topic of our post today ,already the race did not finish yet

Today I will speak about a very interesting factor playing its role perfectly in this presidential race ,the Islamophobia factor . As you know since the 9/11 Muslims and Arabs became the villains who want to invade and destroy the American civilization , it is a natural thing thanks to the huge media campaign against the Muslims and the Arabs after 9/11 and even pre 9/11

It is also a natural thing in the elections dirty world to use  the new fear factor to influence the public whether to win their support or to make them ignore this or that candidate.

To understand what I am speaking about look to these living examples :

First the Republicans , the Neo-conservative , these guys already do not have much love for Muslims and Arabs , and the Muslim – Arab community in the States know that they will not vote for them this year because they knew how much they paid from having a republican in the white house in the last 8 years ,and on the other hand the republican party knows very well that it can”t depend anymore on the Arab-Muslim community votes after their policies , and their main target voters the hard core Conservatives who hate Muslims and Arabs as they are the source of the evil in this world beside the communists , so it was not hard to find that republican candidates had started their bid against the Muslims

Romney for example promised his supporters that his cabinet will no include any Muslim at all “despite the fact Muslims like Zalmay Khalilzad helped the Neo-cons too much” and when the journalists criticised  him for this as a discrimination to the American Muslims ,he justified this by saying that the Muslim community population in America does not allow them to be represented in the cabinet , they are so few !!!!!!!!

With my all respect the Mormons in the United States of America according to the official CIA world fact book are only 2% from the total American population  , where as the Muslims are only 1% from the total Population , I do not think that Romney should be representing the American people in the same way

Here Romney wants to win the conservatives hearts and minds by promising that he will not include any of the so-called American Muslim villains in his cabinet

Move to the moderate Giuliani of the Republicans , of course his supporters did not forget when he refused the multi million dollars check of Walid Ibn Talaal after 9/11 but his rivals whether in the republican party or the democratic party did not forget that he worked as a consultant for the Qatari regime against terrorism !!!  And thus questions about his business with the Arabs and the money he got for them began to surface as if he were working for the sake of the Arabs , despite the fact in the Arab world we consider the Qatari prince as from the biggest allies to the United States and it is enough that his country is hosting one of the biggest American military bases in the region still the American public does not understand this thanks to the media as we do in the middle east. Here we are talking more about business,oil and politics

Anyhow the Qatari connection is the least thing Giuliani should worry about ,still this can filed under the Arab-Islamophobia , the ex-mayor of the big apple has business with the Arabs , they will use him in the white house !!

Let”s go to the democrats because the Islamophobia here is crystal clear , I mean it will be used sooner or later and even currently when we mention the name of Barack Obama , all his rivals used it and they will continue using it , the Islamic roots of Obama

Come on his name is Barack Hussein Obama , his father is Muslim , his grand father is Muslim , his step father was a Muslim and he attended an Islamic school when he was a little kid in Indonesia . All  the rival candidates despite the denials are using the subject and he knows that very well and thus since day one you will find repeating over and over the fact that he is a Christian.

If you notice comparisons between his name and the name of Osama Bin Laden spread in the conservatives and rivals” supporters blogs ,

Of course this is not hurting Obama ,on the contrary despite the Islamic roots Obama succeeded in crossing all taboos, whether being a black man , whether having Islamic roots , trying to push the fear button did not work this time

Hilary”s camp was accused of spreading the information about Obama”s Islamic roots , they are not claims but truth , truth that he did not hide on the contrary he himself spoke about these roots and does not think it will stand against him in the race nor his voters think it is something bad or dangerous

Anyhow Hilary would taste from her own poison sooner she was under similar attack in worse way , it is now sex and Islamophobia  meeting together. Hilary Clinton was accused of having a lesbian affair with her assistance in her camp Huma Abedin , first of all it is not the first time I hear that Hilary is bisexual but of course it is first time I hear about Huma ,the Indian – Pakistani beautiful young lady and her Islamic roots and how possible she can be an agent for the Saudi intelligence “again the wrong perception that the Gulf countries want to control America” based on the fact she lived in Saudi Arabia until she returned back to the States to study in University , already she was born in Michigan

Already the story created a lot of buzz especially when Newspapers like L.A Time and the New York Observer gave it pages and surely the conservatives found a golden mine in it to hit the Marxist feminist Hilary

It is a Perfect story , homosexuality , infidelity , Islamophobia , all the elements are there beside the fact that Hilary is considered a feminist Marxist, it is best bundle ever 

Look I do not give a damn about Huma whose name in Arabic means fever nor Hilary , I do not like Hilary  ,I just have enough of the neo-con crap about the so-called Islamic infiltration IN the United States , enough is enough

First of All it is well known REFUSES ALL KINDS OF HOMOSEXUAL  RELATIONS INCLUDING LIASBINISM  ,  so a Muslim woman spy having a sexual relation with a woman presidential candidate in order to have influence on her for the sake of the Muslim world is crap with my all respect , full of nonsense

Second of All I am tired of the nonsense about the Saudi Evil plan in order to control the States because in the real world the opposite happened and is still happening , the United States is infiltrating and infiltrated the Saudi decision making and you check back the history of Kamel Adham .

“Hilary-Huma” thing made me angry not because of them but because they pushed Islam in to the matter

Of course these are all dirty elections games still they are using the Islamophobia in a dirty way in it .

The Presidential race in America still has a very important fact , very important one to us which is Israel , I spoke about it briefly in the Previous post but I want to speak about it more in a separate post 

The Muslim voters by the way in the States are between Obama and Ron Paul , well it seems that insh Allah Obama can make it in the end