The religious factor in the American presidential race, The will of the Lord

The religious factor in the American presidential race, The will of the Lord

The American presidential race for year 2008 is like no other seriously , till now each of the two parties has not chosen yet its final candidates so we are watching a huge war between all of them.

First of all it is one of its kind , for the first time a black man runs for Presidency “Obama” , for the first time a woman runs for Presidency “Hilary”,for the first time a Mormon runs for Presidency “Romney” for the first time an Ex-minister runs for Presidency “Huckabee” and for the first time a Liberal runs for Presidency as a republican while he is against the Neo conservatives in public “Ron Paul”

It is like a mad race and already we did not reach to the final candidates of the democrats and the republicans

The most significant thing in this presidential race is use of religion . We all know that from the results of 9/11 is the rise of the religious talk in America , a country that seemed a sectarian for a long time , Bush and the Neo conservatives are using the election powers of the Religious Christians in America to gain power and it is enough to read the silly stupid Bush statements that he is the shadow of the lord and to know that Condi headed the Pray on Air force one to feel there is something has changed in the official media

Of course we should not forget as Arabs that the rise of the Neo conservatives in the United States means the rise of the Christian Zionism which supports blindly Israel

Of course the Republican candidates are using more the religious tune because already the conservatives are their base , but believe it or not I feel that also the democrats jumped to the wagon too , they are not content with their liberal base anymore

I mean look to Obama ,how many times he stands in his church and preaches to his supporters about what he can do to his country and what he believes in …

Of course Hilary has not jumped to the Arena yet already it will not be realistic , she represents the liberal , the very liberal side of the democrats ,already some conservatives consider her as a Marxist !!!!

We leave the Democrats for a while and let”s look to the main faces in that rat races in the republican party , of course Ron Paul is not included in our discussion here

Look to man like Mike Huckabee , the former minister who is a classical neo-conservative republican example , like any republican he is against Gun control , abortion , Homosexual marriage and gays in the army . He is against the evolution theory and he says it loud and clear in America and supports the creation theory.

Mike Huckabee believes that lord gave the land of Palestine to Israel and the Palestinians have no right in it now at all , in fact he has a brilliant idea to gather all Palestinians even in the west bank and in Gaza and put them in another country to form their own state , his suggestion for the countries that should host the Palestinians are :Egypt and Saudi Arabia !!

Oh yes this is what we should expect from a hardcore Christian Zionist evangelist

The scary part is that man from Arkansas seems to have a popularity among the conservatives ,and this scares me even Chuck Norris likes him !! And you know how much popular Norris is !!!


Oh leave Mike Huckabee and go for the other famous interesting face

Mitt Romney , the first Mormon to run for presidency in the United States also as a Republican , already the surprise is that most republicans will not vote easily for a Mormon who consider his church as a cult , also believe it or not some conservatives believe that he is not a conservative enough !!

For couple of days he gave a speech called “Faith in America” ,some critics compared to the famous John Kennedy “s speech regarding being the first catholic to run for presidency , well I believe there is a huge differences between JFK and Romney ,yes Romney is less conservative than Huckabee but still his political views especially the foreign policies are sharing the same neo-conservative ,radical policies

The only thing interesting thing in him is that he does not believe Palestine as the holy Land ,but it is America !!

for sure Romney is going to suffer because of his faith in America is not that popular , already his believes can cost him the position and surely it will be used against him , a cartoon like the one I post below can make him lose the votes of the African American people

Already both Romney and Huckabee do not target the African American people ,It seems to me in this elections the republicans lost hope in the African American community as they believe that they will vote for either Obama or Hilary


Yes I know he got strange believes ,imagine if that is a president , already I do not understand do they have many Gods in that church or what ?? It looks like Old testament meets with Scientology !!!

This strange cartoon is from the top videos at Youtube , with thousands of Comments , oh yes bad publicity for a Presidential Campaign

I guess Romney got Marie and Donny Osmond with the rest of the Osmonds clan support

We got also Rudy Giuliani , who is considered as moderate compared to Huckabee and Romney , well I considered him like G.W.Bush , already being the mayor of NY made him somehow more open to issues like Gay Civil union..etc .

Giuliani is a catholic and he avoided till now the talk about religion because a man with his past “he cheated on his ex-wife” can”t claim morality

I will not consider Ron Paul along with those other Republicans because Paul is considered liberal in the nest of conservatives . Till now the polls show the following arrangement for those three : Giuliani ,Huckabee then Romney

I know it sounds ridiculous that an Egyptian speaks about American internal affairs yet I think the world had paid a lot since Bush and the Neo-conservatives took over the white house ,especially the middle east region