The ruling NDP demands the confiscating of Brotherhood’s property and the arrest of Akef.

The ruling NDP demands the confiscating of  Brotherhood’s property and the arrest of  Akef.

 Leaders of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) continued to escalate aggressive attacks against the Muslim Brotherhood Movement. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Omar, Under Secretary of Defense and National Security Committee in People’s Assembly and leading NDP leader, demanded yesterday during the NDP’s final conference to confiscate the brotherhood’s funds. This followed after Ahmed Ezz, chairman of the membership committee of the NDP launched an unprecedented attack on the first day of the NDP’s sixth annual general congress against The MB’s chairman Mohammed Mahdi Akef who he described as " their supreme” at a time when MP Hazem Hammadi called for the " taking of action "against the MB Chairman.

Omar, a former senior officer of SSI, stated in a strongly-worded rhetoric that the movement, which currently holds roughly one fifth of the seats in the Egyptian National Assembly  want to destroy everything nearby. 

Not only did he continue to criticise the movement  but demanded the confiscation of its assets  that has suffered losses in recent years due to unjust security attacks against the Brotherhood’s economic arm, questioning "Why do we tolerate them? Why don’t we confiscate the building owned by the Brotherhood in Gisr El-Suez St., Cairo? Why do we not expropriate the hotel in Maadi? Why  not confiscate its funds and any properties owned by the “international network" of the Muslim Brotherhood abroad.

The leading National Democratic Party leader justified this call for the confiscation of their property on fears that the Muslim Brotherhood may ascend to power in Egypt and enforce Islamic Law.

Dr. Mofeed Shehab, the Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Councils and the Professionals Secretary commented on Omar and Hammadi’s statements claiming "
I think, in the forthcoming legislative elections, we must remove all religious slogans", adding "Any activity carried out by the banned group must be intervened by the authority by referring them for immediate trial". 

Under the amendments approved by the people’s Assemply, the religious slogans will be condemned  in the upcoming general elections.

Ahmed Ezz admitted that the ruling NDP committed several mistakes in the 2005 parliamentary elections which resulted in  the electoral gains to the Muslim Brotherhood. He concluded  that the party will fix these mistakes by accepting only one candidate for each seat during the nomination of candidates.