The Saadet Party, Turky

 Although the world did not experience a global war in the post WW II period, hundreds of local wars and ethnic conflicts have occurred, one after another. The atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, which the world desired, could not be established all over the world. An atmosphere of welfare and freedom was achieved by the people of the industrialised countries, but a just international economic and political system, which would include all the people and the countries of the world, could not be secured. The existence of authoritarian regimes could not be prevented. Economic crises and the problems of poverty, hunger, and disease could not be solved.

As a consequence of World War I, the Ottoman Empire disintegrated. Our homeland was occupied by foreign powers. After four years of struggle, our nation rescued its homeland and expelled the foreign occupiers. After expelling the foreign occupiers, our nation, under the leadership of Atatürk, created the Turkish Republic of Turkey. Our nation also sought its rightful place in the comity of nations. Its sincere goal was to understand and to adapt to its needs the relevant political, social and economic principles of the highest levels that exist in contemporary civilisations.

Since the 1950’s, Turkey has tried several models of economic development and adopted a multi-party parliamentary system. So far, these attempts at economic development and at political reforms have not brought Turkey closer to the democratic standards enjoyed by the countries of the industrialised world.

In our view, human race is the centre of all activities and endeavours. Human beings yearn for happiness. Happiness can be achieved only in an atmosphere of love, exercise of brotherhood, promulgation and practice of equal rights and freedom, of justice, of welfare and of mutual respect. Unlike other creatures, the human being is endowed with superior intelligence, conscience, volition; and with the ability to make a distinction between right and wrong, between beautiful and wretched, between good and evil, between beneficial and harmful, between justice and oppression. Another characteristic of the human being is that he is a social creature, who cannot live alone.

His ability to express himself orally and via other media, to become a benefactors of others, and to reach the highest level of self-actualisation, depends on his competence in the use of the inherited intelligence and his volition for beauty, right, beneficial and justice. Therefore, it is necessary for individuals to enjoy certain inalienable rights and freedoms and to protect them from intervention of others. Moreover, the individual has many needs that can not be consummated alone, to continue life. Therefore, the individual has to be a member of various social and political structures, from the family to the state.

Historically, as a political organisation, the state has always occupied an important place in the life of individuals, even if it is in different forms.

Political activities require vigilance to ensure that the state, whose raison d’etate is to protect the rights and freedoms of the individuals, meets fully its social contract and inherent obligations. As the reason for the existence of the state is to serve the nation, political activities must assure that the principles of rights and justice prevail in the state.
 As the people, who act on the basis of love and brotherhood, we have come together under the banner of the Saadet Party, to implement the program of the party. Unlike the people, who bring hatred and hostility to the forefront, the basis of our view is compassion and love.

Our aim is to work for happiness of all the people of the world, especially for the people living in this country. Therefore, we have decided to perform political activities, to make the state a vehicle, not an obstacle, to achieving happiness, tranquillity and prosperity.

There are five prerequisites for creating a happy environment.

These are the following: -Love, tranquillity, peace and brotherhood,
-Human rights and freedoms,
-While living in an environment of freedom is beneficial for every one in it, limits of freedom should be drawn fairly and proclaimed widely, in case differences and conflicts emerge between individuals.
-While peace, tranquillity, freedoms and justice are essential prerequisites for happiness, they are not the exclusive factors. Welfare, too, is needed for happiness. Individuals should be able to meet their needs easily and abundantly.
-Even if the above conditions are obtained, happiness cannot still be achieved completely. Honour, self-esteem and respectfulness are needed for unblemished happiness.

To be a good individual is possible only if the person wishes the goodness and happiness of all the people. Therefore, we consider working for the fulfilment of the above five conditions, which are necessary for the happiness of the people, with our entire energy as a duty necessitated by being human.

For the happiness of the people, the right, not the wrong; beautiful and good, not beast and bad; beneficial, not harmful, should become dominant.

Therefore, we consider working for the domination of right, good, beautiful, and beneficial and justice with our entire energy, as a duty necessitated by being human.

In order to reach this goal, we consider it mandatory to comply with the following basic principles: -No conflict, no confrontation and no tension; but dialogue, compromise and peace.
-No double standard and no discrimination; but equality and justice.
-No exploitation; but equitable sharing and sincere solidarity.
-No pressure and no coercion; but democracy and human rights.
-No superiority of selfish interests and no materialism; but ethics and morality.
-No anarchy and no disorder;

but compliance with agreements.


  Recai KUTAN – Biography  

Born 1930, Malatya. Son of an elementary school teacher. Completed his elementary and secondary school education in Malatya. Entered Istanbul Technical University’s Faculty of Construction Engineering in 1947. Received his M.Sc. degree in Construction Engineering from that Faculty in 1952.


  The Programme  

The Saadet Party’s starting point is affection and love. Its purpose is happiness of all the people of the world, especially the people of our country. We believe that happiness can be achieved only with the implementation of the basic principles of our programme.


  The Statues Of The Party  

The Purpose Of The Party Article 2: A goal of the party is to assure implementation of the provisions that are solemnly stated in its programme. It aspires to establish a state system that is effectively governed by the rule of law conforming to the principle that justice is a raison d’être of the state.