The Size of The Challenges

The Size of The Challenges

The challenges facing those who work for the sake of Allah are multiplying, imposing a local, regional, and international reality, a reality in which the Islamic identity disappears, and the characteristics of the nation at the level of the Individual, family, and society are transformed into something other than what Islam desires. 

A reality where the characteristics of the believing, benevolent, striving Muslim are removed, and are replaced by love for this worldly life and fear of death, indeed a reality in which innate nature is reversed, and the basic ethics necessary for building civilizations vanish, along with values that qualify for reclaiming glories, such as truthfulness, trustworthiness, loyalty, chivalry, courage, workmanship, order, compassion, mercy, and justice.

The first, most dangerous, and most important of these challenges that we face are attempts to escape our enemies’ project, which aims to dominate the nation and all Its affairs. This project opposes the Islamic project, and it is the project that allows the utilization of all economic, political, and social variables, to use them in conflict against Islam. This opposing project already exists, it is a reality, its owners work in it.

The change that the nation needs will not be the product of the work of one team, or one group, but it is the result of the performance of all sincere workers who belong to the Islamic project for change, this is a divine law from Allah, and a law of life.

Another global challenge we face is the attempts to weaken the leadership role of the global Islamic movement and its impacts. This impact and this leadership are an established fact on the ground, and this challenge has come as a result of our enemies’ realization of the course of history, and their certainty of its consistency with the Islamic concept of universality. The message of Islam is for all people, the world is inevitably heading towards the assembly of nations, clustering of races and peoples, and the overlap of the weak with each other to gain strength through this overlap, and the joining of the scattered to find comfort in unity, all paving the way for the sovereignty of the global idea, and its replacement of the national idea that people believed in before. All of this heralds the sovereignty of Islam, its principles, and its justice.

On a local level, the Islamic movement faces exhausting efforts to be marginalized from all public fronts, including mosques, and also faces fierce and unfair competition in performing community activities and services under alternative banners different from the banner of the Islamic movement.

Political systems are keen on obscuring the symbols and slogans of the Islamic movement, to succeed in their organized media defamation campaigns, attempts to fabricate charges against members of the movement, and stir up doubts. The entity of the Islamic movement is subjected to a process of severing its connections, and targeting its active elements. It also faces challenges, harassments, security threats, and more. Imam al-Banna honestly stated: “We will face opposition from many people, and from governments, and advocates will be subjected to imprisonment and harm without guilt. At that point, it will be the beginning of the path for advocates.” He said: “And the test may be prolonged for you, are you determined to be the supporters of Allah?”

Despite the enormity of these challenges, they are expected and natural. They are a contemporary application of the law of Waraqa bin Naufal, which applies to everyone who carries the message of truth. Attempts to push us out of the sphere of influence are the apparent expulsion of what Waraqa bin Naufal decided in his law. Waraqa said to the Prophet, peace be upon him, “Indeed, it is the law that was revealed to Moses, and I wish I could be with you when your people drive you out.” The Prophet, peace be upon him, asked, “Will they drive me out?” Waraqa said, “No one has come with what you have brought except that his people drove him out.”