The State Security Helps the NDP

The State Security Helps the NDP

On Friday, the State Security Department distributed an account, in which the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidates and its slogan are severely criticized.


In addition, a meeting was held in the headquarters of the Sate Security with the directors of the NGOs to urge them to link the help of needy people to their support for the National Democratic Party’s candidates.


On the other side, high-level orders were given to arrange a symposium in each college of Fayoum University, entitled ’Islam is not allotted for certain people’. The aim behind that is to attack the Moslem Brotherhood. 


Recently released detainees of the Islamic Current were ordered to attend in polling centers to back the NDP’s nominees and to censure the Moslem Brotherhood’ candidates.


Despite all these attempts, the residents of Fayoum strongly show support for the nominees of the Moslem Brotherhood.