The Sudanese Brotherhood’s Proposal on non-Muslims

The Muslim Brotherhood in  Sudan put forth a motion concerning the non-Muslim Commission stated in the interim constitution of 2005. The motion asserted that the Sudanese capital Khartoum is originally governed by the Islamic Law. Since Muslims are entitled to protect non-Muslims, the commission’s president should be a Muslim. According to the ratio of each side in the constitution, the commission should include both Muslims and non-Muslims that expand to compass Christians and other creeds. As regard its foreign affaires and its resources, the commission should be subject to directions of the republic presidency.   
The proposal also suggested that tribunals should be dedicated to settle disputes among non-Muslims. If the lawsuit concerns Muslims, it should appear before the Islamic-law-run courts.
Sources stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, headed by Sheikh Sadeq Abdel Mageed, hoped the interim constitution would have been stipulated a similar commission for Muslims in southern Sudan to protect their rights.