The Torture of 6 Boys,Kafr Alzayat,Gharbia

The Torture of 6 Boys

By Monir Adeeb


In the morning of the polling day of the second phase of the parliamentary vote, 20 Nov, six young men were arrested in Kafer el-Ziat City of el-Garbia governorate. Their charge was making propaganda to the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee, Hussein el-Shora.


The young men were detained in the police station where they received a cocktail of beating and kicking. Two days later, the six tortured young men were moved to Kafer el-Ziat Prison. The real force behind detention was to put pressure on their families to stop supporting the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate.


Among the imprisoned young men were high school students; Muhammad el-Said, 15, Saf el-Islam el-Hadad, 14, Essam Atia, 14, Shreef Salah, 15.