The US Embassy denies intervention in Egypt’s affairs

The US Embassy denies intervention in Egypt’s affairs

Haynes Mahoney, spokesman for the US Embassy in Cairo stressed that the drafted law to support democracy and freedoms in Egypt submitted by a number of the US Senators was not an intervention in Egypt ‘s internal affairs.

He stressed that the US  respected its relations with Egypt and there was  no attempt to impose a specific system on Egypt . “We believe that democracy is an essential element in our relations with the peoples of the world”, adding “it is a part of the US policy to support democracy, civil liberties and human rights around the world”.  Mahoney explained that it was merely a suggestion not an obligation by the US government and it does not oblige Egypt to anything

A number of US Senators submitted the drafted law supporting democracy and freedoms in Egypt and called for the abolition of the Emergency law and the lifting of all Egyptian supervision on foreign aids. The resolution had also called for guarantees for the integrity of the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections free of rigging and forgery. The drafted law was referred to the Foreign Relations Committee for discussion.

The drafted law provided that the reason behind its instigation was because of the importance of Egypt to the US national security and for its intellectual and traditional position among Arab countries in the region.

The drafted law also called for lifting the legislative restrictions on freedoms to run for legislative and parliamentary elections and to allow the establishment of organizations. The decision called for ending “all random arrests, torture and different forms of abuse”.

The law also provided that the continued provision of unconditional financial support to governments that do not respect the basic human rights undermine the credibility of the US . It called on Obama’s administration to respect the basic human rights, freedoms and democracy which should be a priority in its relationship with Egypt .

The drafted  law stressed the significance of possessing adequate funding to guarantee the presence of NGOs and both national and international supervision of the elections to guarantee the transparency of the process.