The Verdict on Libyan Brotherhood is on Monday

Gomah Ataka, the coordinator of defense committee for the accused Islamists, said the Libyan extraordinary tribunal makes its ruling on 85 of political detainees of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, on Monday.   
’All guarantees are granted to the defense. We have practiced our full rights but the final decision is in the hands of the judiciary,’ Ataka said speculating about the verdict.
If we object the verdict, there is another step of appealing to the High Court, he said. Ataka explained the case relates to accused people on charges of partisan affiliation; an incriminated action in accordance with the Libyan applicable laws. The lawsuit has been prolonged due to several procedures. When the People Court was cancelled, the suit was referred to the High Court; now, it appears before an extraordinary tribunal.
When asked about calls for the release that found no response, Ataka said: ’ the question of release or pardon is entitled to a competent authority. We welcome this measure, if resolved. However, making such decision does not come under the power of the court. We hope authorities to show mercy in respect of this case and others. ’It is better for the judge to fault in granting pardon than in posing a penalty,’ he concluded.