The vision of MB concerning reform and development

The vision of MB concerning reform and development

It”s important, before tackling the Comprehensive Reform concept, to denote to the American Democracy concept from the intelligentsia”s view.

In his book (The Culture of Narcissism), Christopher Lasch warns that the American Society can no longer stand crises or complicated political and capitalistic problems, which are clear indication of a serious spiritual cultural crisis.


 In 1987, Paul Kindy issued his well- known book (fall of great Powers), in which he said “the Americans were about to face the same fate that the English- as universal powers- encountered in the nineteenth century, namely Diminishing. The American administration could manage the events in a way decelerates the relative diminishing of the United States” situation”. One of political analysts followed Kindy”s ideas to compare between Washington, Rome and London in the nineteenth century; he denoted to the economic attraction, vanishing of the middle class, moral degradation, loss of patriotism and belongingness feelings in the American society.

In his book (Racism Issues), issued in 1993 AD, Chore Naul West – a Negro- quoted Kidny”s ideas he resembles the Americans with something “hanging without roots” and that they are powerless civilians. In  a chapter titled (Election Making), in his book  titled(America in minds), Aniaso Ramounei-a French writer- says “elections became a craft of the rich and those in power.

In another chapter titled (who signs cheques makes law), he says “candidates and parties are still dominated by the rich”. He says that the necessary conditions for true democracy do not exist in America, but when we know that only 5% of the Americans follow up diplomatic and political issues, it may seem somewhat strange that top officials in America exaggerate while speaking about democracy.

All this and more warn us of the western allegations of democracy, which are seriously defected from the western intelligentsia”s view, and make us long for a different model which helps us maintain the true (humane democracy), under which we are not badly affected by money and its temptations, media and its pressure, man seems free, strong and rich with his principles, ideas and belief which lead him to superiority among those of principles and those of benefits, among those in power and those of opinion and perfect mind; the man whose freedom and humanity is duly maintained in the way Allah(The Almighty) wants.

We had to go on this prologue first to precisely realize the true essence of these allegations which were recently activated- any way they are not all bothering..

The comprehensive Reform concept- sought by the Islamists, especially Muslim Brotherhood- tackles the meaning of (progressive development), including man, state and society, and submerges in all political, economic, cultural and social fields, in which man is the focus, around whom many circles are going. 

The most significant one is (freedom) circle, because if we miss it, certainly we will face the most disastrous crisis presented in greatest corruption phenomenon on earth, because Allah created man and granted him (freedom of willingness), so if this great humane value is cancelled, surely the essence of man”s existence will be cancelled and uprooted.

This is the most heinous crime, because the message of all messengers and prophets mainly aim at emancipating man from worshipping any one other than Allah, his Creator:

The holy Koran stated man”s (freedom of will) in Sūrah Kahf, Āyah 29: “…let anyone who wishes believe it, and let anyone who wishes disbelieve it” Umar ibn Alkhattab said ” when did you enslave people while they were born free”, I suggest some facts about freedom deserve to be known:

1- There is no freedom without power, he who says that he is free, he must have the necessary elements for refusal and acceptance.

2- There”s no absolute freedom, so one should align his freedom with the society values, principles and norms.

3- Freedom is considered a right for every working and productive one who co-exist with the others.

4- Equality among people in obtaining their rights.

All comprehensive reform forms emanate from around this (free) & (mature) man:

(a)Educational reform:     

   Based on the scientific method of matching education process with the necessities of present and future, and society- but not rote learning- including the whole nation, males and females.

Education must become a daily progressive interest- not to be interrupted by graduation- going on qualifying generations to find out their hidden abilities and supply them with the necessary capacities which enable them to realize wisdom and dialogue values, diversity and difference of opinions as real facts in life.

 Also to teach them how to say “yes” and “no” in a dignified and high-minded manner, to be accustomed to creative fruitful thinking without imitation or characterlessness, to act with felling responsibility, granting and cooperation saturated with dignity which Allah, the Creator, wants.


(2) Economic reform:

   Based on complete justice in wealth and income distribution following true practical policies for building comprehensive renaissance regarded as a corner stone for capacities development, a complete environment for employment, providing graduates with suitable jobs and effective national insurance.

New economic reform trials- especially the Asian- proved that small projects are proved to be one of the most important means of employment.

A new social spirit is required to achieve all that, in which an active government cooperates with vivid and responsible national and private sector, and strong civil institutions representing all the people; parliament, syndicates, national societies and popular monitoring bodies. Also we need to duly reform, upgrade and improve the administrative body up to the most perfect effective performance level; I believe that our societies have administrative faculties and capacities able to achieve all this perfectly.

(3) Political Reform

 I want to assert that the Islamic trend- especially Muslim Brotherhood- believes that political reform can only be achieved by fair elections and human democracy- above- mentioned, not by any other means. In this respect, I reiterate what was previously mentioned:

(a) Citizenship in the desired civilized state is the basis for a democratic domain in society, whoever accepts this domain shall be equal with other political and intellectual trends. People will choose through honest and free elections, after setting forth what guarantees honesty and impartiality, in order to obtain a dignified vote which is part and parcel of man”s dignity.

(b) The democratic parliamentary system- parliament, parties and a complete multitude- is the most effective way to protect freedom, maintain society”s stability and stopping power monopolization, which may be considered a human defect. We should strictly set laws, constitutions and censorship tools which restrict the bad effects of this defect on our country and people.

(c) Promotion of our nation”s value, the (Dinosaur) state- as described by Thomas Howis- is the worst shortage in man”s life in the twenty first century. This makes it necessary to intensify parties, syndicates, national societies and all helping factors to have an effective nation and hinder(brutality) of the government.  


Complete legal and political equality in the whole society, and setting the necessary guarantees to protect this equality from any political or sectarian deviation.


(4) Woman and comprehensive reform:

a- the basis of Islamic obligations is commonness; we don”t have a specified religion for man and other Islam for woman, the righteous society is which permits individuals to react in a pure and a spontaneous way without tension or shame.

b- Woman is a mental, spiritual, psychological and physical entity. Islam urges her to wholly present herself mentally and spiritually to society, but her body is not important for society and shouldn”t be, this is considered one thing of respect of woman in Islam as a human entity.

c- Islam is the religion which and survived the woman (the human who has all the rights which wholly dignify her.

d- The Muslim woman”s Hejab (headscarf) is not only a matter of cover and shape, but an identity and belongingness, Unlike the Indian Sari.

We want to indicate important points:

1-The Islamic reformative speech is not sacred; it”s a human opinion in understanding certain Islamic texts. The most important point needs to be clear is that, whoever disagrees with us, surely he disagrees with our opinion, not with Islam..

2-The military actions in the history of Muslim Brotherhood was provisioned by occupation; it”s merely historical, have no existence in the national state absolutely, no matter how the difference in opinions is.

3- The field of (man making) and his righteous formulating is the most significant field in our reform vision.

4-The target of ruling- from the Islamists” view- is the happiness of the ruled, and achieving peace and stability internally, dignity and respect externally. The governor is the deputy and server, not the master of the nation, but it”s his master.

5-The human civilization must keep two basic things: perfect policy and true morals.

Perfect policy which is based on freedom, equality and justice among humans, they are the sons of Adam, and he was created of dust- as the prophet (PBUH) says. The true morals are based on correctly regulating man needs, perfecting his choices and desires, stopping blue media in order not to escalate his desires and unlimited consumption which has fatal consequences.

Lastly, it”s urgent to denote to:

1-The American problem facing the Muslims is the overt backing of the Zionist presence in Palestine, to the extent that both America and the Zionist entity are united from the Arab Muslims” view. And to add insult to injury, America occupied Iraq, in a way violates all international laws and principles, This occupation was accompanied by sayings like, religious wars without any civilized logic which promote the human useful struggle towards establishing a human civilization decorated with love and cooperation.

2- What is called terrorism in the American media is not accurate due to what is implied in the meaning of terrorism, it represents a political strategy clashes with the American and Zionist policy. It”s a matter in the American policy rather than a violence facing the American people and individuals.

3- You”re welcome if you want to be a practical friend to Islam and Muslims, because Islam is represented in Muslims” benefits, policy, economy, culture and security. Unfortunately, America (the administration, not the respected people) is always playing with that.