The winds of change blowing from Washington

The winds of change blowing from Washington

The new and unique experience to be witness to the wedding of the Democratic wedding celebration lasted nearly six months until the wedding day in November 4, 2008. 

The whole world is following the race to the White House between the two Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama and after Obama won the strong and stubborn rival then the start of another conflict between the old warrior McCain, the Republican and Obama brown young man.  

We are following very eagerly campaigns of both candidates I was fortunate enough to travel to Washington the pretext of the International Republican Institute with a group of activists interested in the electoral process from Egypt to follow up on this wedding (the U.S. elections).  

Indeed, I have learned a lot and benefited a lot, lot, we place here that I can talk about everything I saw and learned, whether directly or indirectly in the follow-up U.S. presidential election.

But let me running around with you on the absentee vote and see what it is and how and benefit from it.

There are 31 states of the United States allow the so-called absentee voting or vote before November 4 or advance voting.  

Among the 31 states are allowed to prior vote absentee without excuse, but the majority of States required to knowing why the voting absentee and the reasons mostly revolve around the patient that the voter can not go to the headquarters of the Electoral Commission transmitted down the letter to the Department of the elections in the state are required to send The nomination form then the voter from his home to make voting and then send the form by mail to the headquarters of the elections. Then the competent official appointed by the state to open the envelope and verify the conformity of format and the signing of the voter, who has signed and then placing them in the electoral boxes ( the voting boxes are black and aren”t not transparent or glass ) The reason may be that is we do not know who the voter gave his voice.  

There is also a prior absentee vote inside the Electoral Commission and the reason for example, because the voter will not be in the state on November 4 elections, or will be engaged in work or patient or traveler so he goes to the headquarters of the Electoral Commission in the mandate and vote prior request form and fill the form behind the Wooden cover then volunteer staff member scanning the form and then gives the voter Poster written on it ( I Voted ).

We saw it in the state of Virginia reminded me with (Virginia, a beautiful of beautiful) in the movie-Nasser Salah al-Din and the right is the mandate of its special, natural and architectural population and electoral nature!!! It also states that were the subject of serious conflict between Obama and McCain.


We return once again to absentee vote there is a large room of the thousands of closed envelopes prepared for sending to voters and thousands of closed envelopes received, as well as envelopes that are opened are not permitted to enter the room only to the competent official.

And we ask is the vote in paper or mail in this state?!!  

The respond of our speaker was that the vote here on paper, and mail the voter to choose any preferred modes and asked to see the e-voting and the vote device which is the beginning of the operation and until the voting process and already we have seen the operation of the system and vote and to ensure the safety and confidentiality of electronic the devices has been experimented to us!!!

The automatic question of why the talk increased about the possibility of manipulation of electronic devices and many states are to vote on paper.  

The respond was that the sensitivity of the screen can lead to some mistakes due to the inaccuracy of the voter in use or female voter! Why female voter Is there a difference between the voter or female voter It said that she may have long fingernails and when you want to press on the nail square before the finger pressure on the box and is therefore wrong to vote (he finished his talking).  

I think that the most important disadvantage taken on the e-voting is the lack of physical evidence or document is consulted in the case had been questioned in a sense, if we vote that person has given voice to Obama for example, where evidence is there out of the report say that ( No)!! Is there a form that says (not)!!!  

In the end, away from electronic voting and voting paper back to prior absentee vote, what”s the use of it, for example prior absentee vote help not to vote before polling congestion on November 4 because about 40% of voters have voted in the U.S. elections.

Thus the voting process rather than continuing a few hours even if the twelve-hour here voting process last days, not hours.  

As well as helping to increase the proportion of the political participation of young people and older people who fear congestion and crowding on the Election Day.  

The most important is that expatriates residing outside the United States, whether civilian or military, they can vote and participate in the choice of who governs. We will consecrate in another article on military and the police vote (in Egypt in the 2005 elections to the People was the holding of elections in three stages so that we can complete judicial supervision of each ballot box and we do not deny that this was something good and important and the solution to the problem of judicial supervision (although amendments In the recent constitutional in 2007 made for judicial supervision of the public committees only) without sub-committees.  

I think that the idea is closely to U.S that some provinces where elections were held in October and another in November and so on.  

What is the obstacle to increase the period to make voting so that all voters can vote, and this will lead to encourage voters to cast their votes and increase the percentage of political participation.

So to not be said that I do not know the law I know that all voters in the electoral headquarters if they came at seven in the evening and they did not vote the Committee remain open until voting, but if we think of new ways to enable voters to cast their votes with ease without any Abuses or violations of other voters or candidates or even the security services for the maintenance of order and security during the electoral process it would achieve what all rulers and ruled alike to increase participation rates in public life. .

Perhaps the day will come that we do not need to compulsory to respect the law.

Finally I realized that democracy not a system of government, but the behavior of the people.