There is No Taaefa Mansoura to Renew Emergency Law…

There is No Taaefa Mansoura  to Renew Emergency Law…

Maat center received the news of the Egyptian parliament”s discussion around republic president”s decision to extend the enforcement of Emergency Law, without regarding emergency case”s deletion if the new law to challenge terrorism is issued, with severe surprise and unique astonishing. It is because in the time economic crisis get worse and worse in the country, people died in lines for bread or for gas pipe, majority”s representatives are engaged to pass more laws to deprive people of their freedom and to limit their rights. With no reasons, we will find them during little hours accepted the government”s decisions and defend its viewpoint strongly.

The center remembers that on 19 April 2006, the government announced through its security bodies that the country”s security is threatened by a dangerous called terrorist sleep cells, people were overtaken that photographs of 22 young men was showed on Egyptian TV. These young men were called as a terrorist cell affiliated to “Al Salafia Al Gehadia” and security body called it “Al Taaefa Al Mansoura”, they were accused of “planning” to kill Muslim and Christian religious men and to blast international gas lines and some vital building in the country. In this time governmental newspaper mentioned that security resources said that these group was detained few days ago. Among fife days, after the news of this group was published the parliament accepted to renew enforcement Emergency Law for two years ended now.

The center with number of organizations and some juridical activists observed investigation in the case of “Al Taaefa AL Mansoura” which ended as its members were all judged as innocent, they all were released during last months except four members who were classified as leaders of the group, and they are jailed in Al Fayoom Jail. The surprise discovered by Maat is that this group was detained haphazardly from many places in Cairo at the end of January 2006, and they were kept in the security body to announce them as terrorist organization. Some of these members said in testimonies recorded by juridical organizations and dependant journals that they were exposed to severe torturing, while Prosecution of High State Security Emergency released them, as there are not any evidences in the case and there are no real evidences for their accusations. Most families of those members scattered and they never compensated for their detention and for abuses done against them.

Others explained their announcing as terrorist group as result of the failure to find the real doers of the accidents of Alexandria churches in April 2006, in which charges were referred to “mentally disordered”. All were agreed on making a justification to renew enforcement of Emergency Law in that time, which was the existence of sleeping terrorist cells. However, nowadays there are no similar groups while the government tries to get parliament acceptance to renew enforcement Emergency Law without noticing the absence of any social participation in discussing hidden articles of Challenging Terrorism Law. This is especially as the thoughts reviews were accepted by Gehadi trends inside jails and security bodies announced its welcome to stop violence and to remove ideas of judging governing system and society as unbelievers.

Article N.148 of the constitution which granted the republic president the right to announce Emergency Law and to extend it refer this right to guarantees such as announced it as it is illustrated in law, presenting it before parliament during limited period, define place and time of applying the case, and renewing it according to the same guarantees which protect citizen rights mentioned in articles of the third chapter in the constitution, in the International Institution for Civil and Political Rights, and the International Announcement for Human Rights. Nevertheless, since October 1891 the case that is called “Emergency” or “Exceptional” became a rule that never let Egyptian people”s right of real freedom as powers of the excutive authority became great under Emergency Law on the account of every thing and any thing. Therefore, abuses of authority men against citizens increased, jails are full of Egypt”s best youth with no justification, and the country is deprived form its best men and minds while the authority never regarded judgments of the Egyptian courts. The final example of this was the author Mosaad Abo Fagr, who gained a number of judicial judgments, which is never respected.

The most strange thing is that the parliament that want to satisfy the government by extending the enforcement of Emergency Law and by making a new legislation on the pretext of challenging terrorism is the same parliament that issued a law to challenge terrorism number 971992, added new articles to the current laws, regarding some actions as crimes as it is dangerous for society stability, strengthen punishments for some crimes in Penal Law to became a felony, set prison punishment in offences if it is done for terrorist reasons, and deprived judge form using mercy in judges issued against  terrorist actions, as he is allowed by article N.17 of Penal Law.

The last two years of applying Emergency Law witnessed dangerous changes in the country threaten social peace. Most of these changes was economical and social ones affects low and middle classes and threatened the most of citizens after more than half of them were dropped under poverty line as international reports mentioned. Poverty, subjugation, and humiliation became features of the crushed citizen, if the government and its party want citizen”s security and safety it would work to keep his economical and social rights and offer him the minimum average of food, education and health?etc. In addition, if it needs bigger guarantees for its citizens it should issue real laws to challenge poverty caused by monopoly supported by its powers?

The center asserted that the government dose not noticed these changes as well as it is busy by demolishing freedoms and rights, in the past analysts illustrations were referred terrorist operations to extremism in religion, spreading of unemployment, increase average of family and social violence. However now the government dose not noticed a fact that its policy to protect its close companion and to ignore others” rights will not succeed in challenging terrorism which may increased by the crushed economic crisis, and the announcement of finding thousand imaginative organization like ” Al Taaefa Al Mansoura” will not affect it?