They need help save them!!!

Released members of Jam;at Islamiyah,
A Humanitarian and Social crisis


(ikhwan web)
First when we started to propound this prickly case; we were greatly afraid that  some mass media may re-say that there are ties between Muslim Brotherhood society and the Jama’at Islamiyah. This is greatly denied and we assure again like the leaders of MB in many occasions that we refuse utterly the methodology practiced by the Jama’at Islamiyah and Jihadi groups that resorted to force as a method to induce change and reform. We welcome all intellectual revisions that serve in the right apprehension for Islam where one should invite to the way of Lord through wisdom and good advice.

Graduated from the faculty of internal trade, security forces arrested him in 1995, he was released among many members from the Jam’at Islamiyah  after the intellectual revisions led by Dr. Sayed Imam Abdul Aziz the Mufti, the jurist and the founder of Jihad organization in Egypt inside prisons. He searched foe job but he did not find, (even private sector refused employed him because he was an ex-convict), so he received no help from anyone “especially after the death of my father and the abandonment of my brothers to me fearing the security  pursuits” Hassenien Muhammad said and he is one case among thousands of released members where society rejects them so they became a powder keg.
A.M is one of the people from Al-Minya governorate southern Cairo, he was among the released people he is a graduate of the faculty of arts, he said: after my acquittal and return to life I did not find any work according with my qualification so I found my self before the challenge of how to live ? but at the end I found nothing to do but selling milk and roving among homes to sell milk”
Another one, Abdullah who graduated from the faculty of economics and political science he did not find a job but selling biscuits in traffics and streets after his release!!
There are so many cases  who face bitter reality and society rejects them, even the Egyptian government did not serve in rehabilitation whether economically or socially.
So far the number of the released detainees from Jama’at Islamiyah is approximately 12,000, most of them are from poor areas even people who were well to do now became poorer because they afforded many fees for visits in prisons and paid fees for lawyers so many of these families became poor as Dr. Nageh Ibrahim from the Leaders of Jama’at Islamiyah.
What fueled the matter is that society rejects them and even their families fearing the security pursuits even their folks abandoned them.
Dr. Diaa Rashwan, the expert in the Islamist movements  at Al-Ahram Center for Strategic studies, he told Ikhwanweb, “The Egyptian government as  well as businessmen have to exert efforts to help those people and serve in their rehabilitation whether economically or socially.”
He added that he appealed to the businessmen inflicted by terrorist attacks to pay the compensations decreed by the courts where Jama’at Islamiyah were tried and spent many years in prisons.
It is worthy to mention that about 15 thousand from detainees from Jama’at Islamiyah are to have compensation by the virtue of judicial decisions that ranges between 15 to 30 thousand Egyptian pounds for every one but the ministry of interior refused abiding by law.
Nevertheless, an official at the ministry said that legal affairs department is studying all the decrees related to compensations, and that the ministry did not refuse laws at all.

Rashwan said, “MB must put aiding the released from Jama’at Islamiyah on its priorities”

The problem of those released is not only poverty but problems extended to their health as many of them suffer  from chronic diseases like in liver and kidneys despite all services offered to them yet their physical health is feeble.
Amr El-Shoubky, the expert in Islamic movements when was asked about if MB did not exert efforts to help those people during their detainment, he said that helping them from MB’s part had  many reservations but now they should help them and support them.
Al-Shoubki asserted that intellectual revisions for Jama’at Islamiyah proved the right methodology of MB which is renouncing violence and commitment to peaceful means in action whether in missionary or politics.
He excluded the idea that these people would practice violence again if they found good jobs whether in missionary or social activities.
He added that if in order to find jobs we should wait for many years to rehabilitate them socially and financially because most of them are poor and they are university students or work in low jobs.

He refused the assumption that they would participate in politics due to exhaustion in prisons beside the social pressures they are surviving. Also, participation in politics needs a great experience that they can not attain easily and this assumption is exclude, since for example MB  gained the political experience from joining the trade unions and local councils, yet those newly released people have to take a very long time to gain experience  and they should wait for the support of the government in order to be able to co-exist with society.
Al-Shoubki said that the political process is blocked because there are no allies for the government and there are no real opponents but MB.
It is worthy to mention that Sayed Imam the mufti and the jurist for the Jama’at Islamiyah was the tutor of Al-Qaeda leading member Ayman Zawahri.
Imam graduated from the faculty of Medicine, Cairo university and he founded the first cell for jihad organization in 1966 with Ayman Zawahri  where he faced the verdict of death penalty in the case of “the returnees from Albania” in 1999 because he was accused of being the founder of Jihad jurisprudence.

Leading figures in Jama’at Islamiyah declared their support for the intellectual revisions led by their founder like Aboud and Tareq Al-Zumar who spent their eternal term behind the bars because they were associates in President Sadat’s assassination. They said after these intellectual revisions, “undoubtedly, the state of tension that afflicted Egyot in 1990s affected home negatively in all domains whether socially, politically, culturally and in human rights” The statement adds, “ this forces us as an Islamist current to assume the responsibility and arrange priorities and to help people to get out of this dilemma and face its affects beside propounding stability that assures the peaceful existence and to stop internal conflicts and fighting and bloody clashes with other parties. The Jihadi initiatives were activated  to continue the march of ceasing violent operations in order to prevent blood spill over, also in order to end up the reasons for detaining all factions, to co-exist with society, and bring pleasure to the families of the detainees”

The statement added that despite all that, “we are not in need for applying the emergency laws or terrorism law, thence we support the initiatives of jihad organization in order to return to the true teachings of Islam and Sharia”

 It is quite known that Aboud Al Zumar is considered by many jihadi organizations as a symbol for their methodologies, and his support for intellectual revisions would echo all throughout the Islamic movements in the world especially the jihadi organizations.

Finally, I should say that those released members are in need for the support of businessmen,  Egyptian government, parties, NGO’s and of course MB, this if we are serious in not  making them a powder keg again!!

Note: The cases mentioned above from some members were stated at Al-Misri Al-Youm newspaper and Islamonline website