Third Egyptian Aid Caravan Will Head to Gaza Saturday

Third Egyptian Aid Caravan Will Head to Gaza Saturday

Vice president of the Court of Cassation and head of the Popular Committee Against Gaza Siege Judge Mahmoud Al-Khudairi told Ikhwanweb the committee would launch a third aid caravan to Gaza next Saturday.

“The caravan will start from the Administrative Judiciary House at 11:00 am,” he told Ikhwanweb, and called on the Egyptian people to show solidarity with the Gazans through this caravan or at least participate in peaceful demonstrations against the siege on Gaza.

Al-Khudari said that all the Egyptians denounce the siege and closure of Rafah border crossing. He described the Egyptian government reaction to the blockade as “the most shameful” in the world.

He said the caravan would contribute to beautifying the government’s image before the world.

Al-Khudairi hinted at the attempts to deny the access of the caravan to Rafah crossing by saying “we will cross the borders to rescue the invalids and the starving Palestinians since we have obtained a judicial ruling in favor of our caravans to Gaza.”

He said the next caravan will be through the sea if this upcoming one is stopped by the Egyptian government.

This would be the third Egyptian aid caravan after other two others obstructed by Egyptian authorities. The fist one started from 10th of Ramadan city and was stopped at Ismailia entry gate. The second was launched at the 6th of October city and the security apparatus also stopped it at the assembly point of Journalists’ Syndicate where 200 participants were arrested.