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  • January 12, 2007
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Those images that the United States does not want to see

Officially around 17.000 mutilated American by the invasion of Iraq. For independent sources they are more than 30,000.
Those images that the United States does not want to see

chocantes images show the human cost to us in the United States of the Barbarian war of Iraq. We do not imagine in comparison with the horror and suffering that must be suffering the Iraqian town. When seeing the terrible photos of the mutilated North American soldiers, who enjoy an enormous military superiority, us leave perplex of the slaughter that must be committing every day in that country. Updated photographic news article.

To also see the genocide of the Iraqian town
(Photo arrives) well-known cinematographic actor North American Denzel Washington remains “pasmado” (to see expression of its face) when a woman welded seriously burned in Iraq appears to him during the visit that the famous actor to the military hospital made Brook Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio, Texas, the U.S.A., to support to the American soldiers mutilated by the present invasion of Iraq. The visit of the actor [and photos] took place in the middle of December of year 2004.
Nevertheless the Web site (
to see Link clicar here) that it promotes the visit of the actor does not show no chocante image that can affect the public opinion of the horrors of this military adventure.

(Photo arrives) James Houston a veteran of Pearl Harbor embraces with weeping and emotion to sergeant Mark Graunke Jr during the celebration of the Day of the Veteran military in the city of Dallas, November 2004. The sergeant marine Graunke lost the hand and an eye by the explosion of a pump in Iraq.
AP Photo/The Dallas Morning News, Jim Mahoney

As it must be the feeling of these mutilated military young people who at first believed in the lies of their president [George W. Bush] that affirmed that there were arms of massive destruction in Iraq, which never were found. Later the inspectors of the UN assured that never they existed since they had said it and confirmed several times before the U.S.A. attacked Iraq.
Knowledge that this war is not more than a war by petroleum. In Iraq, the
Iraqian national resistance has been organized in the country to recover independence, the sovereignty and mainly to defend itself of the massive slaughters and without distinction of the North American troops. In the U.S.A. also more numerous the pacifist movements are every day. Let us remember that this colonial war was declared illegal and injustificada by the United Nations.

Doctors of the army of the U.S.A. rendering first aid to marine that he comes from being hurt.

A soldier proving its ortopédica leg.

The soldier Brandon Erickson lost part of his arm when its military convoy was attacked by groups of the Iraqian resistance. Brandon makes studies of political sciences in the university of Dakota of the North, 5 of August 2004.
Photo/Kory Wallen, source Associated Press via Cryptome.

The soldier Brad Kennedy ordering its ortopédico material, 25 of August 2004.
AP Photo/The Clarion-Ledger, J.D. Schwalm.

The soldier James E. Wright (left) greets the rest of president Ronald Reagan during the funerales of ex- president, 10 of June 2004. Wright lost his hand in the war of Iraq. The official of the right was not identified.
Source Associated Press via Cryptome.

Soldier W.C. Ross in intensive cares the ambulance plane of the U.S. Air Force that leads it from Germany to the United States. The doctors managed to reconstitute their burst skull. Germany serves like logistic platform the American troops who invade Iraq.
Photo Lindsey Addario/Corbis.

The soldier Robert Jackson lost his two legs in Iraq.

Marine George Perez, parachutist of infantry brigade 504.
Photo Stephanie Bruce, source Associated Press via Cryptome.

Lance Cpl. Schilling lost its hurt right leg and one serious one in its left hand as a result of a IED explosion.
Photo Max Becherer, New York Times.

Allan Doyle in means and with uniform military showing to the ortopédica leg along with its uncle and accompanied by its hijita.
Source Associated Press via Cryptome.

Marine hurt in the face.

Amputated Marine.

The specialist Jose Martinez 20 years visiting the medical center for burned of Brooke Medical Army Center in Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, 5 of November 2003. Martinez was catched within a truck that transported the ammunition and that were attacked by the Iraqian resistance. The truck caught fire disfiguring the face and several parts to him of the body.
Photo Eric Gay, source Associated Press.

Soldier minusvalido by an explosion.

Sergeant Jason Pepper, 27 years, speaking of its experience lived in Iraq with its wife Heather Pepper, 25 years, the 26 of August of 2004 in center doctor of the army Walter Reed in Washington. Sergeant Pepper remained blind person as a result of an explosion in Iraq, has learned to read in him alphabet braille and its life is the one of a blind man.
Matt photo Houston/AP.

He himself sergeant Jason Pepper, even though that an eye gives the appearance to be in good state, Jason Pepper is completely blind.

Jeremy Feldbusch welded of the 75 regiment of Rangers, that was mutilated during a mission in Hadita Dam in the northwest of Iraq in April 2003 and it is distant at the moment in his house of Blairsville, PA. Esquir it of grenade he penetrated to him in the head and after seven hours of operation he had been extracted to him but Jeremy Feldbusch is now blind.
Photo Keith Srakocic/AP

Jeremy Feldbusch showing its old uniform.
Photo Keith Srakocic/AP

Photo nonidentified.

Photo nonidentified.

Sergeant Chris Jeremy Feldbusch a reservist of the army of the town of Logansport doing exercises with its amputated leg in center doctor of the army Brooke Army. To Jeremy Feldbusch, 21 years, I amputate the leg to him right under the knee as soon as a pump operated underneath the tanker that transported petroleum in the outskirts of the town of Ramani, Iraq, the 2 of June 2004.
Photo Joe Mitchell/AP.

In this photo communicated and spread by the White House, one sees president George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush talking with sergeant Dale Beatty of the town of Statesville, NC, to the left of this one his sister-in-law Wendolyn Summers, her wife Belinda Beatty and his hijito Lucas of six months, during the presidential visit to the residence Fisher House of the medical center of the army Walter Reed in Washington. The sergeant lost his legs in Iraq.
Photo Paul Morse/White House.

Soldier Hilario Bernamis de Micronesia participating to an exercise of rehabilitation with its fisioterapista. Hilario Bernamis lost its legs and an arm in Iraq during an attack of bazuka and grenade.
Photo Gerald Hebert/AP.

Sergeant Roy Mitchell of the town of Milan, state of Indiana, member of the 10 mountain infantry division, doing the tail to pay in a supermarket in the U.S.A. accompanied by its Zaccary children 11 years to its left and Jerrett of 18 months seated in its legs, near the medical center Walter Redd in Washington. Sergeant Roy Mitchell was mutilated in Afghanistan when his jeep Humvee jumped by airs after happening upon an antitank mine.
Photo Gerald Herbert/AP.

The welded Danielle Green (in means) making exercises of rehabilitation with its fisioterapista and a system of simulation in view of preparing its ortopédica pr?tesis in center doctor Walter Redd in Washington 30 of June 2004. Danielle Green before lost part of his arm by an attack of bazuka in Bagdad a month.
Matt photo Houston/AP.

The soldier George Perez listening the advice of its fisioterapista doctor during a rehabilitation session in center doctor Walter Redd in Washington. To the soldier Perez its left leg as soon as his jeep Humvee exploded in a route as a result of a pump hidden in Iraq, in September 2003 was amputated to him.
Photo The News & Observer/Chuck Liddy.

He himself soldier George Perez becoming to touch “the leg” by a boy.
Photo The News & Observer/Chuck Liddy.

The soldier Tom Porter a amputated double. The military invasion of Iraq is leaving a many mitilados and great genocide of the Iraqian town.
Photo Kevin Wolf/AP

President George W. Bush saluting to the soldier Jaime Brown during the presidential visit to the medical center Walter Redd in Washington. Jaime Brown was hurt in Iraq.
Photo Eric Draper/White House.

The stretcher in which it is transported to the amputated ones.


President George W. Bush visiting amputating in the military hospital.

Soldier who is lost an arm.

The specialist Robert Acosta remembers with nightmares when its
Humvee vehicle was attacked.
Photo Ruth Fremson, New York Times.

Robert Acosta.
Photo Ruth Fremson, New York Times.

How many mutilated has in the United States as a result of the invasion of Iraq? it was the question that sent to a publication Web in the U.S.A. showing the image of a soldier with an not identified ortopédico arm.
Photo WIA.

Kris Atherton
Photo Ruth Fremson, New York Times.

Aaron Blakely accompanied by friends of the army.

The soldier Gary Boggs. To some kilometers of the base of Tikrit in Iraq, jeep Humvee of Boggs soldier flew by airs when exploding a put artisan device in the route, many esquir them became engraved to him in the body, one of them damaging the left eye to him which lost the Vista.

George W. Bush and a soldier.

Cinematographic actor Denzel Washington giving him a medal to Justin R. Burgess.
Source Associated Press via Cryptome.

Soldier with serious burns.

He himself burned soldier receiving the cares of a dermatologist.

President George W. Bush narrowing the hand of the soldier Thomas Douglas, 11 April 2003.
Photo Marries White, Eric Draper.

Amputated soldier.

Ryan helped Kelly to tie the slippers.
Photo Ruth Fremson, New York Times.

The soldier Alan Jermaine Lewis lost the two legs.

Alan Jermaine Lewis.

A military man nonidentified.
New England Journal of Medicine.

A military man nonidentified.
New England Journal of Medicine.

Soldier who is lost a hand in house with his companion.

The soldier Brandon Olson.

Edward Platt.

The specialist Edward Platt of the town of Harrisburg proving its new ortopédica leg.
Photo Ruth Fremson, New York Times.

Marine Albert Ross.
Source Associated Press via Cryptome.

The soldier David Rozelle.

David Rozelle.

Robert Shrode and his father in its farm.
Associated Press via Cryptome.

Amputated soldier.

Amputated soldier.

Disabled soldier.

A soldier going to the lost rehabilitation after having the leg, the U.S.A.

The soldier Go’mez who was left disabled person in Iraq is helped by his parents to change of position in the bed.
Rich photo Hein/Sun-Times.

The hand of soldier Braxton McCoy, 20 years, original of the town of Scipio, the U.S.A., to that is to him to save the hand after a severe explosion.
Photo Peter Lockley/The Salt Lake Tribune.

Amputated soldier.

Amputated soldier.

The soldier Matthew Braddock watching itself its amputated leg, rescued of Kirkuk, Iraq.
Photo James Nachtwey, VII Time magazine.

The soldier Joey Bozik underwent three amputations, doing rehabilitation exercises.
Photo James Nachtwey, VII Time magazine.

Ryan Kelly of 24 years lost his leg in an explosion in Iraq.
Source Star Telegram.

He himself soldier Ryan Kelly doing exercicios.

Ryan Kelly in the door of its house.
Photo Michael Crow, The Arizona Republic.

The soldier Alain Jermaine Lewis, 23 years, 3ra Infantry Division the USA, was mutilated by the explosion of a mine when his jeep Humve flew by airs in Bagdad 16 of July 2003, the blowing of the explosion made him lose the leg. This photo was taken in its house in Milwaukee, state of Wisconsin.
© Copyright 2004, Nina Berman

The soldier Kyle Blumenstock, 19 years suffers of the eyes and deaf person as a result of an explosion remained.
Photo Lindsey Addario/Corbis.

Robert Loria touching a pianito in its house near Middletown, New York. Loria lost its left arm by the explosion of a pump in Iraq.
Photo Dominick Fiorille.

Sergeant Joseph Bozik de Carolina of the North during a session of fisioterapia in him medical center of Walter Reed Army in Washington DC. Jeep humve of sergeant Bozik was destroyed by an antitank pump in the south of Bagdad.
Photo Michael Crow, The Arizona Republic.

The Secretary of the Defense of the United States, Donald Rumsfeld talking with sergeant Heath Calhoun that lost its legs in Iraq.
Photo Donna Thousands, Defense Dept.

A nurse cleaning the blood in the face of an wounded.
Lindsey Addario/Corbis.

Soldier Chris Shipley de Glendale.
Photo Pat Shannahan, The Arizona Republic.

The soldier Jose Martinez burned in Iraq, after multiple treatments.
Photo Nina Berman.

Sergeant Brend Bretz saluting to its hijita of 4 years after its return of Iraq in where he lost the legs by an explosion.
Photo Cheryl/Evans, The Arizona Republic.

Soldiers mutilated in a disciplinary center.

Marines mutilated in a program of the government to have occupied them.

A soldier receiving the visit of old volunteers in a hospital of the U.S.A.

Ex- soldier (retired officer) Dan Lasko pedaleando its bicycle with its ortopédica pr?tesis.
Photo The Washington Post

The soldier Alan Babin whose stomach was hurt in Iraq walks in wheelchair.
Photo of Andrea Bruce Woodall/The Washington Post.

Rosie Babin in center throws a glance from the door to his son Alan Babin Neurological Doctor of Rehabilitation in the city of Austin, Texas.
Photo of Andrea Bruce Woodall/The Washington Post.

A girl of the army of the U.S.A. not identified and mutilated in both legs doing rehabilitation exercises.
Sig photo. Christenson/Express News Military to writer.

A soldier nonidentified who is lost his leg serving in Iraq of return in house in the United States
Photo CBS.

Soldier identified not amputated in both legs
Photo anonymous source.

Idem, identified soldier not receiving its ortopédicas pr?tesis.
Photo anonymous source.

Mutilated American soldiers in Iraq, to the left Moses Sonera, Daniel Seefeldt (center) and Domingo Grove-Santana resting in the SeaWorld clinic of San Antonio, the U.S.A.
Photo Jerry Lara/Express News.

Identified soldier not making exercises of rehabilitation.
Anonymous photo.

The captain Jason Scott looking for with its left arm in its quarter a small metal piece that was inlaid in its expensive fence to the right eye and which was extracted him thanks to an operation of surgery.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

The captain Jason Scott showing the metallic object that was inlaid in its face.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

In the following photos we see the American soldier Bryan Anderson (with t-shirt of yellow color to the left) making its wheelchair enter to the minusv?lidos room of rehabilitation for of the medical center.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

Bryan Anderson putting itself the ortopédicas pr?tesis with the aid of its father.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

Standing up in center doctor of Walter Reed… Bryan Anderson lost his legs when his jeep Humvee operated as a result of a pump starting to him the inferior members and the left arm. Anderson is the fourth triple amputated from the beginning of the invasion of Iraq by army of the U.S.A.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

Bryan Anderson learning to walk with its ortopédicas legs. Esteem that Anderson received around one hundred metallic fragments that became engraved to him in the body, some visible ones still under his skin.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

Not comment.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

The only member that except for the soldier Bryan Anderson was the right arm.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

Whereas Jim and Janet, parents of Bryan Anderson talk to the left in the room of fisioterapia, Anderson takes advantage of to talk with Joey Bosic (to the right with black t-shirt) another soldier of the state of Carolina of the amputated equally triple North and.
Photo Kevin Clark/The Washington Post.

In the room of amputations.
Ogrish photo

Sergeant Michael welded McNaughton who lost his leg in Iraq has the honor of being able to run with president George W. Bush, 14 of April of 2004.

We are thankful to diverse mass media by the photographic credit.

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