Thousands of Palestinians commemorate Palestine Nakba in Kafrin village

Thousands of Palestinians commemorate Palestine Nakba in Kafrin village

More than 3,000 Palestinians from the 1948 occupied lands on Wednesday flocked to the abandoned village of Kafrin to commemorate the 61st anniversary of Israel”s establishment on usurped Palestinian land.

The Palestinian protestors carried their national flags and banners holding the names of 420 abandoned villages whose residents were uprooted by Zionist armed gangs in 1948.

Amin Ali, the head of a committee for the defense of the uprooted Palestinians” rights, said that this march is traditionally held every year to remind the Palestinians of their plight and their destroyed villages.

For his part, deputy head of the committee Sulaiman Samhawi said that the reason for choosing Kafrin in order to commemorate the Palestine plight was because it was surrounded by 23 villages destroyed by the Zionist gangs. Futhermore, this village was razed to the ground after its Palestinian residents were uprooted by those gangs in April 1948, he elaborated

In another context, Mohamed Askool, the Palestinian minister of education stated Wednesday that the generation whom the Israeli occupation wagered on making them forget their national cause are the strongest and the most willing to sacrifice and work for their rights.

This came during a ceremony organized yesterday morning by the ministry of education in Gaza to honor distinguished librarians and students.

Minister Askool underlined that the Israeli occupation which underestimated the Palestinian constructive mentality failed in its attempts to deprive the Palestinian generations from knowledge and enlightenment.