Thousands Protest In Cairo Supporting Resistance

More than fifty thousands Egyptians from all political colors held a rally at Al Azhar mosque on Friday organized by the Muslim Brotherhood in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese people.

The rally hosted several speakers including the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef; former Egypt’s Prime Minister Dr. Aziz Sedqi representing al Wafd Party; Bar Association Chairman Sameh Ashoor, Weekly Al Osboo chief editor and MP Mustafa Bakry; representatives of the Labor and Karama Parties; MB prominent figure and MP sheikh Sayed Askar; MB deputy Dr. Mohammed el Beltagi. Among the speakers also was a student representing the Egyptian university students.

The speakers expressed their support of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance, rejecting any attempts to distort its image, and calling on the Arab leaders to open the door for jihad. The speakers also demanded the release of the prisoners and hostages held by Israel, including the ministers and officials of the Palestinian government, as well as the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Cairo.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MB First Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib said that this massive rally is a message from the Egyptian people to their brothers in Lebanon and Palestine that they are ready to offer their utmost material and moral support to the resistance. Habib criticized the disgraceful statements made by the governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, as well as the US double standard policy, which all emboldened Israel to pursuit its brutal aggression.

The Al Azhar rally comes as part of the activities organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and other political forces, including the recent demonstrations staged at the Bar Association and the Press Syndicate in Cairo in support of the resistance against the Israeli military campaign on both the Palestinian and Lebanese people. The activities also included a visit paid by a delegation to the Lebanese Embassy in Cairo this week which embraced Muslim Brotherhood members as well as other syndicate and political figures. The delegation reassured the Lebanese ambassador of the full support of the Egyptian people to their Lebanese brothers during these rough times.

The tight security measures, including the presence of a large number of security men, provoked several protestors but the rally remained largely peaceful. Police also denied large numbers of people and the press access to the mosque. It was also reported that police forces clashed with the demonstrators including members of Kifaya movement who demonstrated in front of the Bar Association and the Press Syndicate, and used tear gas to break up the crowds.

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