Thousands rally in London in solidarity with Gaza

Thousands rally in London in solidarity with Gaza

LONDON, (PIC)– Thousands of Palestinians and human rights activists organize a picket in front of the Israeli embassy in London on Sunday evening to mark the first anniversary of the Israeli war on Gaza.

Ahmed Al-Turk, the spokesman of the Palestinian forum in Britain, said that the sit-in which thousands of Arabs, Palestinians and foreign activists are expected to attend would be held at the invitation of the forum along with the Islamic initiative and the stop the war alliance in addition to the solidarity campaign with Gaza and other British societies.

He said that the anniversary coincides with the western world’s celebration of Christmas where Santa Claus distributes gifts to the children in the world while the Israeli war machine is still active in killing Gaza children with its tight siege on the beleaguered Strip.

The rally tries to draw the world’s attention to the massacre to which the Palestinian civilians were subjected to, Turk said, adding that the message to the world is: Stop the oppression against the Palestinian people whether through silence or deprivation of life necessities.

The forum is organizing a solidarity week with Gaza from 13 to 20/1/2010 during which lectures, seminars and other activities would be organized to spread awareness on repercussions of the Israeli war and the negative impacts of the siege on Gaza.

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