Thousands Welcome Brotherhood’s Presidential Candidate in his Hometown

Thousands Welcome Brotherhood’s Presidential Candidate in his Hometown

The northern Egyptian province of Sharqiya received on Monday, with open arms, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood’s presidential contender. The visit began in, the morning, with thousands of local supporters holding hands, forming human chains that extended for miles – all the way from his home in Zagazig city to the gates of Zagazig University.

At the university, a student conference was held where hundreds of students carried posters and pictures of Dr. Morsi, and expressed their respect for Dr. Morsi’s honorable history and abundant experience which fully qualify him to lead Egypt in the next phase of its essential democratic transformation.

Also, at Zagazig university – where Dr. Morsi is one of the most prominent members of staff – he was cordially welcomed by Dr. Hamid Ateyya, Vice President of the University of Zagazig and Sharqiya Veterinarians Trade Union chief; and Dr. Sayed Abdel Nour, president of the university staff club, as well as members of the university staff and a large number of university students.

Dr. Hamid Ateyya asserted that Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s candidate for the Presidency, is able to take responsibility and deliver the Renaissance Project that achieves progress and leadership for Egypt.

Dr. Ateyya further pointed out that the leadership of Egypt during the next phase is a trust vested by the people in Dr. Morsi, and that he has to honor it.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Morsi underscored the need for keeping the revolution’s flame burning – even after the election of Egypt’s new president – until it fully achieves its objectives.

In the student conference, Dr. Morsi said: “I want the Revolution to stay alive after the president is elected, even if it was me. Then, we will not allow another dictator to control Egypt again.

“The only guarantee against the former regime model resurfacing in Egypt is the people’s awareness and clear perception. This is why the Egyptian revolution must not die out until all its objectives are attained.

“The Egyptian people will not give anyone the opportunity, not even the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), to drag them back to times of repression, tyranny and persecution”.

Dr. Morsi added that, “When SCAF did not respond to our request to form a coalition government in order to save the homeland, we had to take this difficult decision of fielding a candidate in the presidential race".

Further, Dr. Morsi said: "The former regime wounded our hearts, but it could not affect our will. They did all they could; but awareness was the effective defense".

Meanwhile, Dr. Sayed Abdel Nour gave a speech in which he pointed out that all corners of the university testify for Dr. Morsi’s commitment to establishing high values and standards, in addition to being a role model and a great example. He expressed hope that Dr. Morsi would win the elections.

The student Mohamed Sabri, on behalf of students of Zagazig University, welcomed Dr. Mohamed Morsi saying, "This nation rose in revolt like a tsunami. This moment was sure to come, when the people speak out: ‘No to injustice; No to tyranny’”. Then, he paid tribute to the martyrs of the Egyptian revolution.

Hosted by the Governor

In a meeting with Sharqiya Governor Azzazi Ali Azzazi, Dr. Mohamed Morsi said that Egypt will no longer be ruled over by any foreign power, and that there is a promising future waiting for the homeland and the people.

The FJP candidate expressed respect for the executive branch now in place despite reservations the FJP has over certain actions and stances. Dr. Morsi added that the main objective of all political forces and stakeholders is to achieve stability and real renaissance.

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi assured that all Egyptians are looking forward to comprehensive rejuvenation and renaissance, pointing out that everyone is trying to complete the march towards democracy.

The Brotherhood candidate expressed his pleasure for the Governor’s invitation. Also, the governor thanked Dr. Morsi for accepting his invitation, stressing the need for everyone to cooperate to pass the critical stage the country is going through.

The meeting was attended by Major General Osama Dhaif, Secretary-General of the province; and Major General Faisal Ahmed, Assistant Secretary-General; as well as the heads of city councils and districts in the governorate.

Oudwa Embraces Her Son

Tens of thousands of residents of Oudwa village (Hehia district) and surrounding villages warmly welcomed Dr. Mohamed Morsi, who expressed his happiness for the overwhelming reception by the people.

The FJP Chairman asked the villagers to preserve the spirit and ethics of the January 25 revolution, recalling memories of childhood and the village.

Assuring that the Egyptian people are alert and aware and able to protect the revolution and achieve the renaissance for their homeland, Dr. Morsi said that the Renaissance Project offered by the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP safeguards Egypt’s riches and resources for its people.

Dr. Morsi further assured that the project confirms that there are men in this nation who are able to carry the torch, to apply its resources and efforts of all its communities for purposes of progress and prosperity, pointing out that the tyrants were looting people’s sweat and toil.

Popular Conference and Rally at Zagazig Sports Stadium

Around fifty thousand residents of Sharqiya province gathered within and around Zagazig stadium, as large numbers of people were unable to get into the packed stadium. The stadium was overflowing with flags of Egypt and the FJP, as youth groups sang Ultras-style patriotic songs, artistically inserting Dr. Morsi’s name in many of them, while the conference started with Egypt’s national anthem.

Dr. Morsi pointed out, “We are launching a campaign for a task which is both difficult and heavy. We have to focus on what duties we have, and ignore our own rights. Our people are the dearest thing we have. We must give all we can for the sake of Egypt.

“Evidently, the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP have no private ambitions. On the contrary, they devoted themselves to serve this nation and take responsibility for the advancement of our beloved Egypt”.

The presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi thanked the masses of Sharqiya, expressing his confidence in their ability to carry forth the Renaissance Project, which requires the efforts of all citizens, Muslims and Christians and all groups and denominations as well as all ages.

The conference had begun with speeches by: Dr. Mohamed Taha Wahdan, member of the Brotherhood Guidance Bureau; Dr. Farid Ismail, member of the parliament and the Secretary of the FJP in Sharqiya; and Abdul Latif Ghalwash, Brotherhood Administrative Office official in north Sharquiya.

The public conference was also attended by many of the symbols and leaders of trade unions, universities and the legal professions as well as popular leaders and public figures.

Amongst those were: Dr. Mohyei Hamid, member of the Guidance Bureau; and Dr. Omar Abdel-Ghani, Brotherhood Administrative Office official in south Sharqiya; Dr. Ibrahim Naggar, pharmacists’ union chief; Dr. Hamid Ateyya, Vice President of Zagazig University; and Dr. Atef Radwan, Medical Association head in Sharqiya and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine – Zagazig.

The event concluded with a song about the Renaissance Program. Then, Dr. Mohamed Morsi left surrounded by thousands of supporters and local and foreign media representatives.