Three more Palestinians of one family killed at the hands of IOF

An IOF air raid at noon Wednesday killed three Palestinian civilians of one family including an eight-year-old child in central Gaza Strip bringing the number of victims to 22 within 24 hours.

Local and medical sources said that the IOF warplanes fired at least one missile at the civilian car killing its three passengers instantly and turning the car into a ball of flames.

Bodies of the martyrs arrived to hospital in the form of charred remains as the boy”s lower body was only visible.

Witnesses said that three other civilians were wounded in the raid, adding that the attack originally targeted three resistance fighters but the missile missed them.

The Salahuddin Brigades, the armed wing of the popular resistance committees, said in a statement that the IOF shelling targeted one of their units while returning from a resistance mission. The armed wing added that the unit members escaped unharmed but the IOF missile hit the civilian car and killed the civilians.