Thugs receive sharp message

Thugs receive sharp message

 A new law has been discussed by Egypt’s newly appointed Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, and the ministerial cabinet sending a sharp message to thugs that have been terrorizing citizens.

 The law will inflict severe punishment, including execution, to those found guilty of particular crimes.

Since the labeled Friday of Rage, Egyptians have been terrorized by thugs and new measures are aimed at addressing a security breakdown following the former interior ministry led by ex-Minister Habib Al-Adly currently in jail withdrew all police on January 28 after they failed to stop anti-regime demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of people.

 In recent years the toppled  Mubarak regime had  increasingly resorted to hired thugs to do tasks it did not want uniformed police to be seen doing.

Many Egyptians believe remnants and cronies of the old regime attempted could be behind the sabotage of the political transition by sowing chaos and stirring sectarian strife.

 The cabinet has proposed the death sentence in a bill to be ratified by the military council