Time for Churches to Speak Out and Take Action

Time for Churches to Speak Out and Take Action

With this statement, as a servant of God and bishop in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the Holy Land, beseech all churches in Europe, as well as individuals and organizations linked to them, to speak out and take immediate action to stop the latest Israeli aggression and violence in both Lebanon and Palestine.

The recent events taking place in Lebanon and the Holy Land contradict all religious and moral principles which we hold high and advocate. We request your intervention to urge Israel to comply with International Humanitarian law which implies the protection of civilians during hostilities and to respect International Criminal Law related to war crimes and crimes against Humanity.

Churches are required to raise their voices and to urge conflicting parties to respect human rights and values, as enshrined in all human rights documents, which stem from divine laws as we uphold them, we believe that churches have the moral obligation to protect innocent lives and take part in solving conflict in order to further peace and human dignity.

Therefore, we church leaders from the holy land, respectfully ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to speak out pressure their respective governments to take to take action and call for a ceasefire in order to stop the gross violations of human  rights that are taking place at moment in both Lebanon and Palestine.

Archbishop Theodosios “Atallah Hanna”
Archbishop of Sevastia
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem
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