To The Brothers

It is just a few days and then the fight of the parliamentary election which occurred recently will be over with its good and bad consequences .naturally , thinkers and observers will tackle these consequences and categorize its results. Basically, politicians as well as the opposition parties will exert their efforts to examine its track and learn its lessons. It is useful to mention here a lot of important remarks, to take part in this issue and hoping that the effects of the election will not dissipate from the new battle whose weapons in this time are heavy tongues and fighting pens of the writers that fight hard in the counter attack. Consequently, this make the citizens confused and make them enter a maze that has no end. The first remark on the election that the biggest winner is surely the Muslim brotherhoods who get three important benefits:
The first: they gain the practical admittance of their existence in the Egyptian political life, although the mass media of the national party insists on describing them by (the banned group)
Secondly: they win the lion’s share in the parliament seats (after the national party) which make these groups the strongest opposition on the coming parliament.
Thirdly: they achieve great victory in the mass media as its name was widely spread not only in Egypt but also in the whole world. It is also presented internationally as it is considered a UN deniable force in deciding the destiny of Egypt and the reign. These are deserved rights came as a result of organized work and intensive great effort which cannot be denied except by a tendentious person. However, these remarkable victories should not let them commit the historical mistake which is asserted by the public idioms (pride comes before a fall). This should not push them to be conceited which were clear in the declaration of some of its leaders. Long is the track and strong are the problem which they will face from and from these problems is: the coming parliament is free almost from any opposition(civilian), and the national party has great confirmed majority which let the (NP) pass the worst laws and measures and the existence of the brotherhoods do not prevent this. From these measures 1) the (bequeathal of Gamal Mubarak) and the bother hood will bear part of the responsibility whether they agree or not part of these dangerous responsibilities and it will chase them(if happened) and this is thing which is hated by the Egyptian and fought against it from a long time. 2)THE brotherhood in the late parliament were pre-occupied with many issues which were important to them and did not represent any importance for the rest of the people and its social trances whose economic , social problem has been increased to an unbearable limits. Thus, logically, brotherhood has to participate in the problems of poverty, hunger and unemployment instead of the bold clips or the encroachment of a book. if this happened, they will lose the joy of their victory. It will be the beginning of their end which we do not accept for the benefit of the country and its people. I hope that they keep in mind that fears prevailed in the society beyond the thinkers, the middle class (which is effective despite its weakness) and the Coptic. They fear that it is the beginning of banning Egypt from its historical and civilian marks they also fear that it may drag the country into AFGANISTAN (TALIBAN) they may set the fire into a congregation war , banning freedom and art ,thus the country become a big jail. This feeling unfortunately is supported by some measures for example the late counselor of Ikhwan Mustafa Mushor god bless his soul announces that the Coptic are (people of the scripture) and therefore, they cannot enter the army or take any important position.
I hope that it is clear to the leaders of brotherhood and they have the ability to understand and analyze that part of their success resulted from some circumstances and not from the directly. (NP) is hated by the people and many of the votes which were gained by the brotherhood are protesting votes which did not find anything except them. Since many of the candidates of the (NP) enter the election as” independence”“these weaken them and scattered their votes. Moreover, the horrible state of the opposition parties helped them to succeed helped them in the election. On the other hand there is the civilian force Kifaya (Enough) as it goes in streets and held many demonstrations which wakens the force of the ruling party throughout the previous years and this paved the way to the success of Ikhwan.
Ignoring these facts and imagining that the success of the Ikhwan is finally and is not useful and make them face many dangerous threats which they cannot face alone.
This is clear in the experience of the syndicate of affairs; the most important is the syndicate of engineering which was controlled by the Ikhwan alone for years which allow the authority to attack them and occupy it and to be under grading without any remarkable resistance so they have to learn from this experience.
From here, they are asked (from the patriotic and religious perspective) to scatter these fears as fast as possible to calm the anxious sides. They have also to plant the seed of hope to reform with all the social trances and different sectors, as the first looser (if this atmosphere continuous) is the country itself. This may provoke foreigner sides to interfere to face it. I said this because I care about the country as I am worried about its future .religiously speaking the entrance of the Ikhwan in the Egyptian political body is an effective thing to the settlement of the country. But with preserving the right of citizenship and enhance the bases of the required peaceful democracy, and to abort any coup on the democracy, in order to prevent the fall of the situation in an endless problems
Ahmad Baha Shaban