Toll of Palestinian fatalities rises to 43 Palestinian

Three more Palestinian have fallen martyrs in Gaza and Bethlehem cities raising toll of Palestinian fatalities to 43, including children and women, since the start of the IOF troops aggression on Beit Hanun city Wednesday.

Car of Palestinian fighter Mohammed Farouk Al-Borno, 32, one of the leaders in the military manufacturing unit in the Qassam Brigades, armed wing of Hamas, was hit with an Israeli missile unleashed by an Israeli warplane Saturday morning in Gaza city, killing him instantly. Two civilians were also injured in the raid. A second Qassam fighter (he wasn’t identified yet) was hit in the head with Israeli sniper bullets, promptly killing him.

In Bethlehem city, near the occupied city of Jerusalem, IOF troops demolished the house of Palestinian fighter Thaer Ahmed Hassan, 27, over his head after 24 hours of tight IOF troops’ cordon imposed on it.

Hassan was commander of the Quds Brigades, armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, in southern West Bank. He rejected calls from the besieging troops to surrender.

IOF troops trapped in Beit Hanun:
Armed wings of the Palestinian resistance factions led by the Qassam Brigades made the IOF troops’ adventure in Beit Hanun city uneasy and costly as they escalated retaliations to the IOF brutality in the city.

Sources in the Qassam Brigades and local eyewitnesses affirmed that a group of the Qassam fighters surrounded a house in the city where 15 IOF soldiers were trapped before shelling the house with their locally-made Al-Yassin and RPG projectiles, killing and wounding all inside. Israeli choppers were seen landing to evacuate them to hospitals in the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands.

Two Israeli military bulldozers attempted to shield the besieged soldiers, but they were swiftly knocked down with Al-Yassin and RPG projectiles.

Three additional IOF military vehicles were destroyed by the Qassam fighters in Jabalia city as they targeted positions of special units in the Israeli army and engaged them in fierce battles, said Hamas’ armed wing in a military communiqué it issued Saturday.

Sderot targeted:
Despite the Israeli allegation that the ongoing military operations in Beit Hanun were purposely initiated to thwart Qassam rockets rocking Sderot settlements and IOF troops’ positions around the Strip; volleys of those missiles rattled the settlement Saturday morning after shelling it Friday night.

In another military communiqué it issued over the ongoing “butchery” in Beit Hanun and a copy of which was faxed to the PIC, the Hamas’ armed wing affirmed that its fighters succeeded in killing and wounding another group of the IOF servicemen as they hit an IOF armored APC with a home-made anti-armored projectile.

The armed attack, according to the communiqué, was documented and the beaten Israeli vehicle was seen ablaze. The Brigades promised to distribute the documented armed attack on media later.

In another attack on IOF troops’ positions near central Gaza Strip, the Qassam fighters, in an earlier statement issued by the armed wing, said they unleashed at least four Qassam missiles at IOF outposts east of Juhr Al-Deek area in central Gaza Strip.


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