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  • April 24, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

Top MB figures: MB will accept people’s will, regardless of election’s outcome

Top MB figures: MB will accept people’s will, regardless of election’s outcome

Former Muslim Brotherhood MP Sobhi Saleh stated that Egyptians must watch out for counter-revolutionaries.

During a rally attended by thousands of Beheira’s citizens, north of Cairo Saleh said “The Egyptian political arena is witnessing opposing political factions including leftists, liberals and Islamists. Each faction is wanting to express itself and to display its political abilities and must be respected”.

Saleh continued “We must accept the will of the people which will be demonstrated through the ballot box illustrated by holding free, fair and transparent elections. He added if we assume that the voters voted for a political faction other than the MB than the group will accept its results and in turn will strive towards the implementation of the people’s will. He stressed “Those who want power should do so through the ballot box as constituted”.

He also touched on what was recently raised on his remarks about the Brothers’ support for the nomination of ElBaradei for the presidency, saying such allegations are baseless and illogical since the group has announced previously that it will study the agendas of all presidential candidates before announcing a decision. 

Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy, senior MB figure and a member of the Youth Coalition, has ascertained that it is imperative all make a huge concerted effort to build up Egypt after the fall of the Mubarak regime.

He added every day we witness additional changes in Egypt which began with Mubarak announcing his stepping down, the government dissolving, the constitution being suspended, both houses of parliament dissolved, the dismantling of the State security apparatus and the former ruling NDP and the confiscation of its assets.

The revolution he said has obliged all Egyptians to follow the right path which will help in progressing and advancing Egypt restoring its glory.