• April 26, 2016
  • 4 minutes read

Tora Prison Detainees Urge Resilience, Revolutionary Unity

Tora Prison Detainees Urge Resilience, Revolutionary Unity
Greetings to all the revolutionary men and women of Egypt, defenders of dignity and freedom… Greetings from Egypt’s Guantanamo, the Tora Prison Complex, especially Aqrab Prison.

We solemnly salute and thank you for the powerful protests against the junta’s recklessness. They bring back dear hopes of freedom, in our hearts, in our souls. Your courageous protests help us persevere, continue to withstand the daily battles we have to face in junta prisons.

Shake the pillars of this mad military regime. Certainly, this dark era – albeit long – will inevitably come to an end.

Show all Egyptians how the Generals, the military rulers have brought to this country only destruction, devastation and the sale of homeland territories and the country’s constants and essential principles.

Do not let anyone use us as a bargaining chip. Do not compromise on the path or goals of the Revolution. Accept only full liberation from the murderous military grip. Accept no compromises, no half-solutions. Only accept for this homeland full freedom, social justice and human dignity.

Here, in the graveyards of the living, in junta prisons, we live in extreme distress. But all that is forgotten as we hear of your brave patriotic protests. We support them, and encourage and pray for you day and night.

Here, in the dark dungeons, the junta do not differentiate between political orientations. They throw everyone in jails and detention centers, persecuting all parties and groups, hounding them all without discrimination. We urge you to create one nationwide front, just as we have, here in all prisons and detention centers.

Our cause cannot afford disunity. Revolutionary unity will only come about through the steeled resolve of patriotic people who understand the present situation and put the homelands’ interests and freedom above all affiliations and beyond all disputes.

Let our first goal be to restore the January 25, 2011 Revolution and to overthrow the military rule.

Down, down with military rule

Tora Detainees… from inside the Tora Prison Complex (Aqrab {Tora Supermax prison}, Aqrab 2, Tora Agricultural Prison, Tora Liman {maximum security}, Tora Istiqbal {reception})