Torah Prison Fabricates Charge against MB Lawyer

Torah prison administration sent a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer to the prosecution on charge of counterfeiting money, another method that the government uses to oppress opposition.
On Monday morning, lawyer Zakariya Fathi, from El-Mahalla El-Kubra, Gharbiya, visited his client Mahmoud Al- Shami, detained in Torah farm prison.
After fishing the visit, he was arrested at the prison gate under the pretext that the money (20 Egyptian pounds) he paid for the admission ticket is counterfeited; he was detained arbitrarily and sent to Ma’adi police station to appear before the prosecution this evening on charge of “counterfeiting money”, which is a new method used by the Interior Ministry in its dealing with MB lawyers in order to intimidate them.
This isn’t actually the action taken against any citizen who is arrested while dealing with such a counterfeited banknote, if we supposed that this is the same banknote the lawyer paid on entering the prison gate.

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