Tortured 11 Yrs Ago In Egypt

Another Egyptian torture victim is recalling the injustice he was afflicted in the 1990s and how this painful experience is still hunting him.
After his disappearance for 11 years, citizen Nadi Hanna appeared suddenly. Although he seemingly disappeared in Alexandria’s Sharq prosecution, he appeared in the police station of Ussim, Giza !
 Hanna says:” It all started in November 1995 when the prosecution decided to jail me for four days under investigation on charge forging a birth certificate and the appeals judge acquitted me on 100 pounds bail”.”I was expected to be released, but the Ussim police station sent me to the criminal research administration in department of the civil affairs on Dec. 21, 1995 in the morning till Dec. 23 1995 at dawn; during this period I was tortured and they forged my signature on the arrest report.
Hanna added that:” The officer forged an arrest warrant from the public prosecution before which I appeared later; the prosecutor noticed that my anus was bleeding due to torture; when he saw the forged arrest warrant falsely attributed to him, he felt that he was involved with the policeman; to protect himself, he wrote that he saw the papers “today morning”, and he sent me to Imbaba public hospital to be hospitalized, not to make a medical report; when he interrogated, he made me swear, and considered me a victim, not a defendant; then, he issued a decision of sending the defendants to the forensic medicine, but I was surprisingly taken to the roof of Ussim police station, where I was detained for two years, from Dec. 23, 1995, to Dec. 30, 1997. After I was released, I discovered that I was detained all this period without even a prosecution permit, and I discovered also that the case file was sent to Alexandria Sharq prosecution, in which the file was left uninvestigated throughout 11 years, during which I thought that every thing ended.”
Nadi added:” In April 2006, I was summoned again to complete investigations in Ussim district prosecution, where I found out that any papers about torturing me disappeared and there are other forged papers confirming that lawyers defended me in the investigations of the public prosecution, although the names of “these lawyers” are originally of the defendants and they did not attend these investigations in the prosecution office”.
Nadi continued:” I fielded several reports to the attorney general, who ordered an investigation be initiated into the case; I was summoned in Sep.30, 2006, and prosecutor Mohamed Abdul Rahman requested my telephone number; a month later, I was summoned to go to the forensic medicine and I found only one of the forged papers in the report gathering evidence and other papers disappeared from the investigations of the public prosecution; I lodged a complaint to the chief forensic pathologist to form a three-member committee, but he did not care.
The forensic medicine completed its report which the prosecutor refused to allow me to see, saying only that the signature on page no. 27 of the police report is my signature and refused to investigate into the arrest warrant that was forged by the policeman; he refused also to probe into the two forged papers in the prosecution investigations”.
Nadi Hanna demands sending the papers to the forensic medicine department and forming a three-member committee to examine the forged papers, including the arrest warrant forged by the policeman pretended; Nadi demands also solving the mystery disappearance of the investigation papers for 11 years in Alexandria’s prosecution and their sudden appearance after this long period of time.