Tortured then Threatened to keep quite

More torture victims appear every day in Egypt at the hands of president Mubarak’s repressive regime, although they are only a tip of the iceberg of torture by Egyptian gangs inside police stations.

Mahmoud Al Sayed Metwalli Ali is an Egyptian citizen aged 38 years and a resident of Al-Zawya Al-Hamra in Cairo; he has three children, the eldest is 15 years old while the youngest is three years old.

On April, 25, 2006, while Mahmoud was driving his car with his wife and three children in Tir’at Al-Galaa street of Al-Zawya Al-Hamra in Cairo, a number of policemen stopped him and demanded the licences; after he gave them the licences, they asked him to get out of the car and tried to make his wife get out of the car as well. When Mahmoud refused, the policemen beat him severely and threw him in a minibus and continued beating him until they reached Al-Zawya Al-Hamra police station.

When he arrived there, he found a crew of torture waiting for him, topped by Hamdi Badawi, an associate investigator of Al-Zawya Al-Hamra, and policemen Maged Girgis Salib, Hassan Al Sayed Hassan, Mohamed Al Sayed, and Emad Hassan: they hanged Mahmoud on the door of the associate investigator’s office after tying his hands from the back and continued beating him, and they handcuffed him to an iron window for seven hours.

After he was released, Mahmoud lodged a complaint against the incident of torture at the prosecution; an investigation was held and Mahmoud was examined by a forensic doctor who confirmed that he has injuries due to the beatings and hanging.

Since then, Al-Zawya Al-Hamra police started to exercise pressures on Mahmoud to deny that the incident took place and to withdraw his complaint; in the following prosecution appearance, Mahmoud agreed on reconciliation but he refused to deny that the incident took place; consequently, the prosecutor decided to make the complaint take its usual legal proceedings.

Mohamed Youssef, Al-Zawya Al-Hamara police chief was informed that Mahmoud did not deny the incident; so he threatened him with fabricating cases against him; he was helped by officers Walid Hammad and Abdul Mohsen Al Halafawi who are working in the public ant-narcotics administration; the former threatened him with fabricating a drugs trafficking case, saying:” if you did not withdraw the complaint, we would fabricate a drug trafficking case against you”.

On Oct., 20, 2006, they began carrying out their threats; cases were fabricated against Mahmoud (the complainer), his wife Hanan Abdou Ali (the first witness) and a passer-by (the second witness); they saw Mahmoud while he was severely beaten and thrown inside the minibus.

Why are we sure that the drugs cases are fabricated?

Mahmoud was arrested while he was in his friend flat in Al-Zaytoun, after breaking the door, but he was charged of being arrested red-handedly while trafficking drugs in Sayeda Zeinab’s police station. Also, his wife was arrested from her flat in Al-Zawya Al-Hamra , after breaking the door of the flat as well, but the case is of trafficking drugs red-handedly in a report in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar police station. As for the second witness, he was arrested from his house in Al-Zawya Al-Hamra , but a drugs case was fabricated against him in Al-Zaytoun police station!

Mahmoud was arrested in Sayeda Zeinab police station and his detention was prolonged to 45 days. When he appeared before the court, judge Ashraf Hussein released him on bail pending trial from the first session, although he is charged of possessing marijuana, because he was fortunately the prosecutor who investigated Mahmoud’s torture complaint in Al-Zawya Al-Hamra!

As for Mrs. Hanan, Mahmoud’s wife, although there are witnesses that she was arrested in her flat in Al-Zawya Al-Hamra and although there is a complaint at the police against the attack of plainclothes men on the flat (report No. 5546 / 2006 administrative Al-Zawya Al-Hamra), but the court sentenced her to one year in prison.

Ruining the family hasn’t come to a halt, the Peugeot car used by Mahmoud as a taxi was confiscated although it is actually owned by Mahmoud’s brother, and it is currently held in Sayeda Zeinab police station. Also, the police destroyed the cafe that he owns; finally, Mahmoud is currently jobless and his three children do not go to their schools; the elder daughter is obliged to stay at home to take care of her brothers because their mother is behind bars; however, Mahmoud is still insisting on not withdrawing the torture complaint.

Despite this story and other many stories about torture crimes which torture victims and their families are witnessing, and despite this police tyranny which is challenging law and forensic medicine reports, the Interior Minister is still insisting that the torture isn’t a phenomenon in Egypt but is just individual violations.

In Mahmoud’s case, eight policemen cooperated to make Mahmoud  and his family fall to their knees and prevent him from resorting to justice to restore his violated dignity.

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