Tourism and Economy Top FJP, Japanese Chamber of Commerce Talks

Tourism and Economy Top FJP, Japanese Chamber of Commerce Talks

Koji Kotao, President of the Japanese Chamber of Tourism, visited the FJP Thursday, July 21, 2011 and met one of its economic experts Abdel Hafiz Elsawy, who explained to the party’s vision on promoting tourism and its role in the growth of Egypt’s national income as one of the top four important sources of Egypt’s economy. EL Sawy reiterated the party’s belief that tourism is a form of civilized communication among different cultures.

Elsawy pointed out that tourists are safe in Egypt after the revolution, which did not witness any attacks against foreigners. He expressed Egyptians’ embracement of tourists in general especially the Japanese, who are known for their civilized characters, calling upon Kotao to encourage Japanese tourists to proceed with their plans to visit Egypt.

Elsawy also called on Japan, which is considered among the biggist debtors to Egypt, to take on its role in supporting health, educational, and industrial development projects.

During the meeting, Kutao questioned the situation in Egypt in light of the climate of freedom, the extent of political mobility the country is witnessing, and about the number of seats which the party intends to compete on in the upcoming parliament elections.

Kutao expressed his admiration of the Democratic Coalition for Egypt which encompasses 28 political parties.  He also called on Egyptians to unite especially during this transitional phase, affirming that the best thing the Japanese people did to confront the earthquake disaster that killed 30,000, was uniting together regardless of their political differences.