Training Courses for the Muslim Brotherhood’s MPs

In accordance with its scheme for continues political development, the Muslim Brotherhood ran training courses for its lawmakers in order to upgrade their parliamentary performance. The courses were held under the supervision of Muhammad Morsy, the head of the MB’s bloc in the outgoing parliament.
The training program included the explanation of the parliament’s regulation and its procedures in order to expand the legal skills of the Brotherhood’s legislators. The MB’s deputy leader, Muhammad Habeeb, gave lectures on the political awareness and the history of the group in the political action.
Essam el-Arian, a prominent leader of the MB, expounded the role of media and how to avail it. He also shed light on how the parliamentary bloc handles media techniques.
The group’s Leader, Muhammad Akef, in addition, participated in the training plan. He underlined the burden of the Brotherhood’s MPs. He called on them to adhere to faithfulness and to meet the needs of the public that elected them. He, moreover, urged them to do their best to attain the long-desired reform. The public interest, without discrimination between Muslims and Copts, should top their priorities. The well-guided opposition should be their approach; to object what harms the national benefit and to support what enhances it. He exhorted them to adopt objectivity and to seek the advice of experts, when necessary, to fulfill a better standard of action. He, furthermore, requested them to live up to the group’s campaign pledges. He asked them to cooperate with the MPs of the National Front for Change, of which the Brotherhood is a part.  If the MB does not form a parliamentary majority, it is an active and productive minority, Akef remarked.