Transferring Camera Hostage, Who Took Picture Of Torture’s Effects Of Announcer Bilal

Transferring Camera Hostage, Who Took Picture Of Torture’s Effects Of Announcer Bilal


The SSI transferred, at a late hour after midnight on Friday October 17, the student Abdul Rahman Talaat from Al Khalifa police station to the prison sentence, after arresting him over than six days.


The events of arresting Abdul Rahman, a student in the fourth year in the Faculty of Pharmacy, returned to Saturday October 11, when he was on a visit to his brother Yusef who was accused in the case of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Bir, when one of the accusers was suffering from an indisposition so the student Abdul Rahman tried to succor him, but  one guy among the presence took a picture for the patient within the hospital and then escaped,  then Abdul Rahman was arrested and sent to Al Khalifa police station.


Abdul Rahman was taken as a hostage till the camera which took the picture of the announcer Bilal and shows the effects of the severe torture on his body, is returned. On the next morning Abdul Rahman was presented to Al Khalifa prosecution for investigation which lasted over than two days.


He was initially charged with exploiting a patient when he is in a bad state, and when Abdul Rahman was questioned, he said: “I was there to succor one of the patients, not for taking pictures, and there was no camera with me,” so he was acquitted of this charge, but after the decision of releasing him, all were surprised by the record of the SSI which accused Abdul Rahman of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, and also accused him of taking pictures after a deal between him, his brother Yusuf and the patient Bilal to claim that the officer assaulted him.


The investigation lasted for over than two days, then an arrest warrant of detaining Abdul Rahman for 15 days, was issued. Then Abdul Rahman was sent to Al Khalifa police station which is considered as a severe violation of the law, as he was imprisoned for a long time in the police station, until yesterday evening October 17, when he was transferred to the prison sentence , after a communication filed by the accuser”s lawyer to the Attorney General.