Transportation Ministry Is Responsible for Train Accidents, says MB MP

Transportation Ministry Is Responsible for Train Accidents, says MB MP

Mohamed Yusuf (member of the MB parliamentary bloc and member of Transportation Committee at the PA) has held the Ministry of Transportation responsible for the augmenting train accidents in Egypt.


In a statement to the bloc”s website, Yusuf accused the ministry of undermining the people’s lives and not providing safe transportation. He criticized the status of annihilated trains that go without the minimum safety levels, including brakes.


He cited the German Railway Institute report that the average accidents at Egypt’s train crossings are higher than in Europe or Asia. The study surveyed eight countries. Egypt ranked first in rising train casualties and pointed out that indemnities paid to the dead one in an accident in Germany reaches 1.1 million Euros. The study reported that the train crossings in Egypt mount 1264; they are the main cause of rising accidents.


Accidents analyses denoted that Egypt experienced 59 incidents since January 2001 till May 2006, 7.10 accidents annually. This led to more than 6000 civilian deaths. Cairo- Alexandria railway experienced 41%. 8.11% of the accidents were caused by trains collisions, 3.28% due to the vehicles breaking into the closed trains crossing, 32% due to mistakenly crossing from illegal locations, and 5% due to the fall of passengers.


Central Body for Mobilization and Statistics reported that the total trains and car accidents reached 19,179 accident in 2006; 8.5% related to trains.


The report said that those who died in car crashes mounted 5.18 ones per 10,000 cars in 2000, which rose to 6.15 in 2007. Train crashes led to the death of 80 persons and injury of 280 in 2006. Daily car accidents in 1999 reached 9.66 (8.2 per hour), and 5.49 daily (1.2 per hour) in 2006.


The report said that expressways experienced 3.8 accident per 1000 cars in 2000 and 6.4 in 2006.


Giza governorate ranked the first regarding car accidents; they reached 11.8 daily and 0.5 hourly in 2000 and 9 daily (0.4 hourly) in 2006.


Giza governorate witnessed 3291 (5.13%) accidents. Cairo saw 1.4% of accidents in 2006.


Summer witnessed more accidents; 5.41%. Winter witnessed 6.33%, the report said.