• Torture
  • September 10, 2008
  • 8 minutes read

Trial of Torture Suspect Adjourned, Defense Demands Compensation from Authorities

Trial of Torture Suspect Adjourned, Defense Demands Compensation from Authorities

Al Fayum Criminal Court started on Tuesday September 9 the first trial session against police officer Motaz Abdul-Mungy Abdul-Monem after a whole year from death of Muhammad Gom’a Addahshury affected by torture of which the police officer is accused. At the end of the session, the lawsuit was postponed till the compensation lawsuit declaration to the defendants.

The victim’s family buried his dead body after the officers’ assignment to the court, for they refused to do this before being assured that the officer will stand trial.

In this session, the defense demanded LE 100,000 from the President, Minister of Interior, Minster of Health and the officer as compensation.

The accused officer’s defense demanded to postpone the case till the attendance of the chief coroner for discussion, it was postponed and the officer was released to surrender himself next session morning.

Security forces blockading the court prevented the victim’s family from attending the session and also prevented journalists and photographers. Ikhwanweb correspondent said that there was an altercation between journalists and the accused officer’s family.

The events started on August 17, 2007 where some officers arrested the victim, taking him to the police station, after a verbal argument between them while he was standing in his usual place in the street.

In the police station –as witnesses said- he was beaten until he lost consciousness. He was carried by two persons and thrown out of the station.

On August 18 at nearly 1:00 a.m., his brother found him on the pavement in front of the station in an extremely bad condition, he took him to the house where his condition was not improved, so he was taken to the hospital but they refused to take him, except after signing a record (by himself) that he was injured as a result of an altercation and that the doer is unknown.

On August 22, he went out of the hospital, he was still subject to treatment on his own expense and his condition became worse, until he went to a doctor on September 2, telling him that he has to enter Makah Specialist Hospital because he suffered an internal hemorrhage and brain concussion. In Makah hospital they added that he was suffering from abdominal desiccate and he died on September 19.

Another record was done (by police) that he was injured after falling on stairs.

The witnesses said that the victim mentioned two officers (Motaz and Osama) in Bandar Al Fayum police station and that they are the ones who assaulted him.

A report was submitted to the prosecutors; the hospital manager witnessed; and on September 25, at 10:00 a.m. the autopsy was done, and prosecutors authenticated the injuries before autopsy.

The victim’s family refused to bury the victim’s dead body until after a whole year of investigations and the release of the forensic report. On September 9, the case was transferred to the Criminal Court of Al Fayum.

Annadim Center For Combating Torture invited representatives of Human Rights Organizations to attend the session and to express solidarity with the family of “the martyr” Gum’a Addahshury.