Tulkarm children protest IOF cold-blooded murder of schoolchild

Hundreds of schoolchildren in Tulkarm, north of the West Bank, on Wednesday went on an orderly march protesting the IOF troops cold-blooded murder of the 13-year-old girl Dua’a Abdul Kader.

The schoolchildren chanted anti-occupation slogans and the IOF troops’ killing of innocent Palestinian children, demanding protection against occupation’s brutal use of force.

The march passed thought the streets of Tulkarm city and ended in front of the home of the murdered child where they staged a sit-in and hoisted placards denouncing the murder of the schoolchild.

IOF soldiers Tuesday evening fired at the girl who was playing with her 10-year-old mate Rasha Shalabi, who was injured in the shooting. The soldiers then prevented Palestinian ambulance cars from rescuing Dua’a who was bleeding profusely until an Israeli ambulance carried her to an Israeli hospital where she was declared dead less than one hour after arrival.

IOF sources acknowledged that the soldier who fired at Dua’a was not in imminent danger, claiming that an investigation was opened into the case.