• October 14, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Tunisia’s Nahda: Statement Regarding Alleged Election Campaign Infringements in Sfax

Tunisia’s Nahda: Statement Regarding Alleged Election Campaign Infringements in Sfax

Ennahdha Movement, Sfax Branch

Statement of the Executive Committee of Ennahdha Party’s regional branch in Sfax regarding alleged election campaign infringements

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In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Ennahdha Party’s Sfax branch has noticed repeated reports of suspect individuals posing as Ennahdha members who approach the public presenting ideas and policies that contradict the Party’s intellectual and political line, with the aim of confusing and misleading public opinion. A number of individuals were found distributing false and fabricated literature near the university campus. A car was also reported to be circulating the area and stopping at particular stops on the way towards Tunis, again propagating fabricated views in the name of Ennahdha, such as views on women’s work and dress. We have also been informed by a number of citizens that suspect individuals are posing as Ennahdha members while handing out financial aid to passersby to allege that Ennahdha is employing corrupt and exploitative publicity methods.

In addition, we have been informed that certain independent lists were claiming that they were supported by, or close to, Ennahdha, in order to attract sympathisers. We wish to warn against this manipulation, and stress Ennahdha’s neutrality vis-a-vis all independent lists.

Moreover, Ennahdha Party in Sfax expresses dismay at, and rejection, of the immoral and illegal methods adopted by some to defame Ennahdha. This has reached the extent of using operator services to make calls to random numbers asking citizens not to vote for Ennahdha, as well as defaming the latter and spreading falsehoods against it.

In the face of this fierce systematic campaign against Ennahdha by remnants of the old regime and certain parties known for their hostility to the Movement’s intellectual and political orientation and its commitment to the Tunisian people’s Arab-Islamic identity and the independence of its decision-making politically and culturally, we urge the public to be alert and vigilant and not to be misled by such dishonest practices which may intensify as we get closer to the elections.

Sfax 13 October 2011