• December 7, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

Tunisia: Nahdha: No to Attacks on the People’s Faith, Yes to Protecting the Political Process

Tunisia: Nahdha: No to Attacks on the People’s Faith, Yes to Protecting the Political Process

In the name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Following Nessma TV’s broadcasting of a cartoon film that included a flagrant attack on the Divine, and ensuing incidents and reactions, Ennahdha wishes to emphasise the following:

1.  Its shock at, and condemnation of attacks on people’s beliefs and sacred symbols.

2.  The distinction between the right to expression, thought and creativity – rights for which the Movement has struggled and is still struggling – and attacks on beliefs and sacred symbols.

3. Its cautioning that provoking people and inciting marginal issues only lead to threatening civil peace and the people’s unity and historical harmony, just as they threaten the democratic political process which is eagerly being awaited by everyone for the realisation of the revolution’s aims.

4. Its astonishment at the time chosen for these provocations, and its questioning of the motives behind them.

5. Its stress on the right to expression and protest, within the law and maintaining the peaceful character of protests.

6. Its emphasis on the police’s right and duty to protect property, while respecting citizens’ dignity and sanctity.

7. Its belief in the media’s duty of informing and enlightening the public, while maintaining responsibility and maturity and avoiding provocation and sensationalism.

8. Its belief that the channel’s action, in addition to the above, contravenes electoral laws by inciting hatred on the basis of religion, and promoting certain candidates at the expense of others.

9. Its call upon the interim government and independent higher election commission to apply the law in order to protect the political process.


10. Calls on the public to be vigilant and to focus on the election date, and to avoid falling into traps aimed at derailing the revolution and taking the country into the unknown.

Our people have achieved their revolution, and they will, God-willing, realise its aims.

Tunis, 9 October 2011

On behalf of Ennahdha Movement

Secretary General

Hammadi Jebali