Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Statement on Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Statement on Israeli Attacks on Gaza

1. prays for the souls of those martyred and injured whose blood is paving the path to dignity and liberation.

2. Salutes the heroic  Palestinian people and their steadfast struggle for their legitimate rights and continuous readiness to sacrifice all for that end.

3. Strongly condemns the continuous Zionist savage crimes committed against our brothers and sisters in Gaza and throughout Palestine. It further stresses that it is no longer acceptable to occupy people’s land and usurp their freedom, and that the policies of assassination and systematic murder will not prevent the Palestinian people from continuing their resistance until they obtain their full rights.

4. Calls on Tunisia’s youth, parties and associations to support the Palestinian people, and to make of Friday 16 November 2012 a day of solidarity with Palestine through peaceful protest.

5. Calls on the international community and all international bodies to assume their responsibility for putting an end to the aggression on Gaza and stand against the occupation which has continued unchallenged and whose continuation represents a disgrace which must be ended.

Ennahdha Party

Deputy Chairman

Abdelhamid Jelassi