Tunisia 4 July 2013: Ennahdha Party Statement on Egypt

Tunisia 4 July 2013: Ennahdha Party Statement on Egypt

Tunis, 4 July 2013

In the face of recent events in Egypt, namely the removal of President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday 3 July 2013 in a flagrant coup against democratic legitimacy as embodied in the first elected president in Egypt’s history, Ennahdha Party:

– Rejects the flagrant coup and stresses that legitimacy in Egypt is represented by President Mohamed Morsi.

– Believes that the coup against democratic legitimacy in Egypt has exacerbated the state of division of the Egyptian people, promoting the demands of one section of Egyptian society over another section which went out into Egypt’s squares and streets in their millions to support the elected president.

– Condemns the arrests of leaders of the Freedom and Justice Party and of the Muslim Brotherhood, and calls for their immediate release.

– Strongly condemns the closing of media outlets and the prevention of journalists from reporting the unfolding events.

– Emphasises that a coup against democratic legitimacy leads to despair of democracy as a principle and a process, and feeds radicalism and violence.

– Condemns the participation of religious Muslim and Christian figures in justifying the coup.

– Calls for a return to democratic legitimacy and expresses astonishment at political forces’ blessing of the coup against popular will.

– Calls on democratic political forces in Egypt to national consensus-building, commitment to peaceful opposition and avoidance of violence as a means to regain legitimacy.

Rached Ghannouchi


Ennahdha Party