Tunisian Authorities Denies Medications For Former Political Detainee

Tunisian Authorities Denies Medications For Former Political Detainee

The government in Tunisia refused to allow for the medical treatment of Abdullatif Buhgela; former political detainee, inside the country or abroad; therefore he went on hunger strike after feeling at a loss.

This is the 35th day of Abdullatif”s strike at home. Many political and rights figures showed solidarity with Abdullatif”s demands.

Abdullatif was released in November 2007 after spending eight years in prison on charges of joining an outlawed organization. The detainment period deteriorated his health conditions so far as he get used to walk with a crutch and was hit by cardiac disease. In addition, he went through surgeries to uproot tumors in parallel to his kidney. After release, he suffered from several renal attacks that need swift aids.

During his detainment, he went through many protest hunger strikes up to 800 days; this of course deteriorated his health as well.

The National Council for Freedom in Tunisia called on the authorities to hand Abdullatif his passport. The council held the Tunisian authorities responsible for any deterioration Abdullatif might suffer if persisted in his strike due to oppression of the authorities.