• April 25, 2011

Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda Wins Impressive Landslide Victory

Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda Wins Impressive Landslide Victory

Representatives of Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda party have achieved a landslide victory acquiring 8 out of the nine available seats in the Tunisian Association of Young Lawyers.

Legal sources speaking on condition of anonymity stated that a landslide victory of Islamists in elections may raise the fears of many politicians interested in politics and public affairs after a historic revolution ousted the former president Ben Ali. The sources added Islamists may ascend to dominate political life and fill the vacuum left by the collapse of the dictatorship and the dissolution of the Constitutional Democratic Rally party (RCD).

 According to an article printed in the newly launched newspaper speaking on behalf of the Islamic Renaissance Movement an alleged agenda is planned prepared by three organizations, aiming to call on foreign entities to finance a campaign against the Islamists in the upcoming elections for National Constituent Assembly scheduled for July 24.

It stated that the three organizations, their identities being undisclosed deliberated among themselves a plan to contain the Islamists. The article added that the organizations sought to promote public opinion to reject the presence of Islamists in the Constituent Assembly.